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A Tokyo 2020 olimpiai játékokon találkozhatunk olyan sportágakkal, melyek olimpiai sportként először szerepelnek az olimpiai játékokokon és lesz néhány sport, ami ezen az olimpián tér vissza az olimpiai sportok közé. Erről olvashattok a következő cikkben.

New sports to come at Tokyo 2020


The biggest names in surfing will hit Tsurigasaki Beach with Olympic medals at stake for the first time.

Surfing’s debut at the Olympics includes a line-up of world champions, World Surf League (WSL) tour veterans and rookies ready to make their mark on the sport.

As is the case in modern surfing history, the top pro surfers to watch will be coming mainly from Australia and the USA, but keep an eye on those from Brazil.

The competition will take place over four days, waves permitting, with the top two surfers in each heat going through to the next round.

Those who fail to finish in the first two will compete in a repechage phase to decide who goes through to the latter rounds and, eventually, the one-on-one medal deciders.


There are two categories for each gender in this sport: street and park.

Street skateboarding is held on a straight street-style course complete with stairs, handrails, benches and walls.

The athletes are judged on the originality, execution and number of tricks they perform.

Park skateboarding takes place on a hollowed-out course featuring a series of curves and deep bowls.

Having just turned 13 when she competes at the Ariake Urban Sports Park, Great Britain’s Sky Brown will be one of the youngest competitors in the women’s event and is one of main draws to park skateboarding.

Sport Climbing

The first sport climbing Olympic medals will be awarded in Tokyo in combined men’s and women’s competitions.

For each gender, 20 athletes will take part in all three climbing disciplines – speed, bouldering and lead.

Their placings are then multiplied – for example, a climber who finishes first, fifth, and second will have a score of 10 (1x5x2). The top six climbers with the lowest total scores go through to the final.

Those six then compete again, with the lowest total scores deciding the medals.

Janja Garnbret from Slovenia will be one of the stars to watch out for in the women’s tournament. The six-time world champion is one of the best climbers in the world. “When I’m on the wall, nothing else matters,” the Slovenian said in 2019.

Czech Republic’s Adam Ondra is one of the men’s favourites. He was the first one to ever climb a 9C+ bouldering route, considered to be the hardest route in the world, doing so on the ‘Silence’ formation in Norway.


Nippon Budokan, the spiritual home of Japanese traditional martial arts, will host the first Olympic karate competition in 2021.

There are six kumite events at Tokyo 2020 – three for each gender in different weight divisions – which see two opponents engage in combative sparring. The men’s 67kg, 75kg, +75kg, and women’s 55kg, 61kg, +61kg.

In addition to these, there are two kata competitions – one per gender – where the two opponents take it in turns to perform a routine consisting of a series of punches and kicks.

It is in kata where the host nation will be fancied to fare particularly well. Kiyuna Ryo is a firm favourite while Damián Quintero of Spain presents the biggest challenge, while Shimizu Kiyou will be tested by Spain’s Sandra Sánchez in the women’s event.


Baseball and softball return to the Olympic Games having been dropped after Beijing 2008.

The host nation Japan will be among the favourites in both sports, and can take inspiration from the last final in softball.

The United States of America had won all three previous gold medals, starting with the first at Atlanta 1996, and they took a 22-game winning streak into the 2008 final.

But Yukiko Ueno gave up just one run as Japan upset the favourites 3-1 to claim a first gold.

Meanwhile, the United States will look for their first baseball gold since Sydney 2000, their only triumph to date. In Beijing, South Korea defeated Cuba in the final.

source: olympics.com/tokyo-20202020 Tokyo


to be at stake kockán forog
a line-up felsorakoztatás
rookies újoncok
to make one’s mark on nyomot hagyni
to keep an eye on szemmel tartani
to permit engedélyezni
heat futam
to fail to elmulasztja valami végzését
repechage phase vigaszági szakasz
course pálya
stairs lépcsők
handrails korlátok
benches padok
execution kivitelezés
tricks trükkök
hollowed-out kivájt
curves ívek
deep bowls mély gödrök
main draws fő vonzerők
disciplines versenyszámok
bouldering szabadmászás (kötelek nélkül)
lead magassági mászás
9C+ bouldering route az egyik legnehezebb hegymászó útvonal (Hanshelleren barlang Flatanger , Norvégia)
martial arts harcművészet
kumite küzdelem/harc
to engage in combative sparring öklözéses harcba bocsátkozni
kata képzelt ellenféllel vívott, kötött
mozdulatokból álló küzdelem
in turns felváltva
punches ütések
kicks rúgások
to fancy gondolni/képzelni
fare sikerülni/boldogulni
to drop kiejteni
game winning streak játék nyerő széria
to defeat legyőzni

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