Vocabulary building with some basic words with similar meanings

Vocabulary building with some basic words with similar meanings

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Szókincsfejlesztő feladat hasonló jelentésű szavakkal, kezdőknek is!

Choose the word from the list to replace the underlined word in the sentence and not change the meaning of the sentence.

a) forest
b) most beautiful
c) present
d) risky
e) scared
f) handsome
g) rush
h) see
i) split
j) recommend

1) My son is afraid in the dark so I leave a light on for him when he goes to bed.
2) I always forget something at home when I am in a hurry.
3) Her birthday gift this year was a bicycle.
4) They’re not together anymore. They broke up last week.
5) I advise you not to drink so much alcohol.
6) They have the prettiest children in the whole town.
7) I’ll check if your glasses are in my room.
8) He was a very attractive man when he was younger.
9) It’s very dangerous to walk around in this neighborhood at night.
10) We searched the whole woods before we found our dog.

Answers: 1) e, 2) g, 3) c, 4) i, 5) j, 6) b, 7) h, 8) f, 9) d, 10) a

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