Vocabulary TEST – Human Resources

Human erőforrással kapcsolatos témakörben keressük a mondatokba illő megfelelő szavakat. Megoldókulccsal!

1. Backroom ….. are people in an organisation whose work is not seen by the public.
A: boys
B: guys
C: children
D: girls
E: gays

2. Compassionate ….. is a short time spent away from work for personal reasons.
A: holiday
B: leave
C: go
D: off
E: out

3. A ….. union is an organisation for workers with particular skills to represent them to the employees.
A: work
B: skill
C: craft
D: specific
E: special

4. A ….. dispute is a disagreement between trade unions about what types of work should be done by the members of each of them.
A: demagogue
B: defiance
C: delivery
D: demarcation
E: democratic

5. The law of ….. returns refers to a situation in which a smaller result is achieved for an increasing amount of effort.
A: finishing
B: lowering
C: smallering
D: fading
E: diminishing

6. Direct ….. is the use of strikes or violence as a way of trying to get what you want from an employer, instead of talking.
A: activity
B: strike
C: action
D: picketing
E: force

7. The division of ….. is a way of organising work done by different groups of people.
A: work
B: labour
C: job
D: skill
E: toil

8. A ….. year is a year between leaving school and starting university which is usually spent travelling or working.
A: gap
B: leap
C: hole
D: abyss
E: pause

9. In a ….. strike most people in a country refuse to work, until they are given something that they are demanding.
A: total
B: general
C: national
D: selective
E: wholesome

10. A glass ….. is a point beyond which you cannot improve your position at work.
A: floor
B: ceiling
C: entry
D: wall
E: barrier

11. Someone who is …..-picked has been carefully chosen for a special job or purpose.
A: glove
B: soft
C: search
D: fine
E: hand

12. In-….. training takes place during your time at work.
A: job
B: work
C: service
D: office
E: floor

13. The labour ….. is all the people who work for a particular company.
A: skilled
B: army
C: market
D: force
E: staff

14. A ….. manager is one of the managers who are responsible for production.
A: floor
B: risk
C: produce
D: line
E: machine

15. A golden ….. is an amount of money paid to senior managers when they leave the company.
A: handshake
B: card
C: smile
D: bow
E: good-bye

16. Staff ….. is the amount of employees joining and leaving the company within a period of time.
A: leftover
B: turnover
C: return
D: profit
E: exchange

17. Your ….. record is all your achievements or failures in the past.
A: field
B: job
C: track
D: success
E: boss

18. Blue ….. workers are workers on the factory floor.
A: colour
B: cellar
C: cell
D: collar
E: crawl

19. A tied ….. is a house owned by your employer that you can live in for as long as you are employed.
A: cottage
B: house
C: flat
D: apartment
E: cave

20. Sick ….. is money given by an employer to someone who cannot work because of illness.
A: payments
B: pay
C: fee
D: wage
E: salary


1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.E
6.C 7.B 8.A 9.B 10.B
11.E 12.C 13.D 14.D 15.A
16.B 17.C 18.D 19.A 20.B

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