Vocabulary TEST – Shops & shopping

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Vocabulary TEST – Shops & shopping

1. A … is a big shop with many sorts of grocery goods.
A: bookshop
B: supermarket
C: cinema
D: chemist’s
E: florist

2. A … is the person who is shopping.
A: customer
B: custumer
C: costomer
D: costumer
E: castomer

3. The … is the amount of money for a product or service.
A: pay
B: law
C: price
D: money
E: cash

4. … is the thing you pay with.
A: Money
B: Hand
C: Wallet
D: Price
E: Salary

5. A … is where loans are made with personal property as security.
A: iron monger
B: bazaar
C: canteen
D: pawnshop
E: creamery

6. Berries, apples and oranges are ….
A: vegetables
B: patry
C: meat
D: confectionery
E: fruit

7. The … is the place you pay at in a shop.
A: stag
B: trolley
C: shelf
D: cash desk
E: display

8. The … is something you have bought.
A: shopping bag
B: total cost
C: purchese
D: price
E: purchase

9. A … is the person who helps you in your shopping.
A: shop assistant
B: pliceman
C: robber
D: thief
E: drug trafficker

10. A … is the thing to carry the purchase home in.
A: shopping trolley
B: shopping bag
C: shelf
D: shopping sack
E: shopping beg

11. … is food from animals for cooking.
A: Bone
B: Muscle
C: Meat
D: Head
E: Leg

12. A … is a shop for soap, shampoo and toilet-paper.
A: chemist’s
B: beauty saloon
C: iron monger
D: drugstore
E: fish monger

13. The word for soap, shampoo and toilet-paper.
A: drugs
B: chemicals
C: necessities
D: necessaries
E: toiletries

14. A … shop is where you can buy confectionary.
A: sweet
B: swets
C: sweats
D: swiets
E: swits

15. Onion, garlic and tomatoes are ….
A: fruit
B: vegetables
C: noodles
D: pastry
E: chemicals

16. Pies, strudels and croissants are ….
A: noodles
B: pastas
C: pastries
D: necessary
E: bakeries

1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.D
6.E 7.D 8.E 9.A 10.B
11.C 12.AD 13.E 14.A 15.B

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