Vocabulary TEST: Choose the person who is being explained

Személyek, hivatások ebben a 20 kérdésből álló tesztben. Felismered, hogy kiről van szó?

1. … = a theatrical performer
A: acter
B: actor
C: acting
D: acts
E: actter

2. … = a person to whom legal title to property is entrusted to use for another’s benefit
A: truster
B: trustor
C: trustee
D: trustist
E: traster

3. … = someone whose occupation is cleaning
A: cleanex
B: cleanner
C: cleanor
D: cleaner
E: cleanee

4. … = a high ranking police officer, an investigator who observes carefully
A: inspection
B: inspecter
C: inspectour
D: inspecting
E: inspector

5. … = the contestant who wins the contest, a gambler who wins a bet
A: winning
B: winer
C: winor
D: winnor
E: winner

6. … = someone who fights – often for a cause
A: fightee
B: fightist
C: fightor
D: fightant
E: fighter

7. … = a person who buys, a purchaser
A: buyor
B: buyer
C: buyant
D: buyee
E: buyeer

8. … = someone to whom a licence is granted
A: licensor
B: licensee
C: licenser
D: licensing
E: licensist

9. … = one that is absent or not in residence
A: absentist
B: absenter
C: absentor
D: absentee
E: absentant

10. … = someone who maintains and audits business accounts
A: accountist
B: accounter
C: accountant
D: accountee
E: accounts

11. … = an agent who conducts an auction
A: auctionee
B: auctioneer
C: auctionor
D: auctionist
E: auctionant

12. … = someone whose occupation is printing
A: printor
B: printist
C: printant
D: printee
E: printer

13. … = someone to whom a right or property is legally transferred
A: assigner
B: assignee
C: assigne
D: assignor
E: assignant

14. … = any member of a ship’s crew, a serviceman in the navy
A: sailer
B: sailant
C: sailor
D: sailiant
E: sailist

15. … = the person who leads an orchestra
A: conducter
B: conductant
C: conductist
D: conductor
E: conductee

16. … = a follower, distant admirer
A: devoter
B: devotor
C: devoteer
D: devotee
E: devotant

17. … = a criminal who is a member of a gang
A: gangster
B: gangs
C: gangbang
D: gangstor
E: gangsteer

18. … = a person who grows, makes or invents things
A: creater
B: createer
C: creator
D: creatist
E: creatant

19. … = a person who participates in competitions
A: contestee
B: contestant
C: contester
D: contesteer
E: contestist

20. … = someone who has retired from active working
A: retiree
B: retirer
C: retireer
D: retirant
E: retirist

1.B 2.C 3.D 4.E 5.E
6.E 7.B 8.B 9.D 10.C
11.B 12.E 13.B 14.C 15.D
16.D 17.A 18.C 19.B 20.A

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