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Fashion in the UK

One of the biggest shocks when you arrive in a new country can be the clothes people are wearing. You may look fashionable at home, but you suddenly find you are behind the times or simply someone to laugh at when you arrive abroad. With this in mind, let’s take a look at teenage fashion in the UK for girls.

One of the things that may shock an outsider most is piercings. These days it is not enough to simply wear rings in your ears. You will see many teenagers with rings in their navel, or belly button, nose, lip, or even their eyebrow. Ouch!

Some girls go for a ‘glam‘ look. They wear T-shirts; trousers are usually preferred, blue or black, and the look is finished off with metallic bags and shoes and arms full of bracelets. Another alternative is the ‘rocker‘ look. You start with a T-shirt of your favourite band and tight jeans or a long skirt. On top of this you can wear a denim jacket. Jewellery tends to be large and metallic, and to add colour, wear a scarf.

If neither of these is for you, why not go ‘sporty’? T-shirts are usually tie-dyed in hot colours. Wear long shorts, short jeans or a denim skirt. And on your feet? Beach sandals, of course! If you prefer something more feminine, there’s the ‘girly’ look. Skirts are long, to the floor. Wear a top with butterflies or flowers printed on it!

Finally, how about the ‘Tom Boy’ look? Wear flared jeans and a T-shirt with a logo. Don’t forget your waistcoat, of course!

Follow the fashion tips above, and you shouldn’t feel out of place. However, it’s important to remember to wear clothes and choose a look that you feel comfortable with. Don’t just be one of the crowd – be yourself!


behind the times – régimódi 
out-of-date, unfashionable, not modern

piercings – piercingek 
holes made in the body for wearing jewellery, such as rings or studs

glam – ragyogó, csodálatosan kinéző, nagyon divatos
short for ‘glamorous’, i.e. dressed and/or made up to be extremely good-looking and very fashionable

finished off – véglegesen be van fejezve 
completed, given final touches

rocker – rokker 🙂 
someone who really likes rock music (and dresses like a rock music fan)

denim – farmeranyagból készült 
a thick strong cotton cloth, often blue in colour, used especially for making jeans

scarf – sál 
a piece of cloth worn around the neck

tie-dyed – batikolt 
designs on cloth dyed by tightly tying portions of it with waxed thread so the dye only affects the exposed areas

sandals – szandál 
light open shoes with straps

flared – trapéz (nadrág, szoknya) 
(trousers or skirts) that widen significantly below the knee (popular in the late 1960s – early 1970s)

waistcoat – mellény 
a sleeveless garment worn on the upper body over a shirt and usually having buttons down the front

out of place – fura, nem odaillő 
strange, as if you don’t belong

source: BBC Learning English 

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