Country life vs. City life

Country life vs. City life

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Az alábbi rövid lecke a vidéki és a városi élettel foglalkozik. 


I was born in a little village, so I grew up there, in a rural area. It was quite a remote place, and we lived in an old farm house. My brother and I played a lot in the nearby woods, not far from the village. The life in the countryside was peaceful, and I enjoyed being there, but as I finished elementary school, I decided to continue my studies, and moved to the nearest town to attend secondary school. My parents and my brother still live on the farm, and they grew organic vegetables and raise chicken and cows. On Saturdays they take the vegetables, meat and dairy products to the farmers’ market where they sell them. Nowadays lots of people prefer buying organic products so they have a lot of regular customers.


I live and work in the suburbs, but I go into town two or three times a week. In the suburbs there is not much to do, so I prefer going downtown if I want to go out. The city centre is pretty lively, there’s plenty to do, there are lots of bars, discos, cinemas, theatres and restaurants. I like living in the suburbs, because it is peaceful and quiet, there are parks and the air is fresh. Even though, I don’t like spending all my time in the suburbs, because it can be boring, there isn’t much night life, and there are not many shops. If you live in the city you have to cope with rush hour. For many people, this is the worst time of the day. The means of public transport are crowded, everybody is in a hurry, and this can be very stressful.


rural area - vidéki terület
remote - távoli
nearby  - közeli
woods  - erdő
organic vegetable - bio zöldség
regular customer - törzsvásárló
suburb - külváros
lively  - élénk
plenty to do - sok tennivaló
to cope with - megbirkózik valamivel
rush hour - csúcsforgalmi idő
in a hurry - sietni
stressful - stresszes

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