Fawlty Towers: Whose fault is it?

Szalai Nóri | 2010. 08. 16.

Basil: Polly? Polly?! Polly?! Polly!! Manuel! Polly, what have you done with my hotel? Polly, what have you done to my hotel?
Polly: What?
Basil: Look.
Polly: Oh, it’s nice. I like it there… Ouch! You’re hurting me!
Basil: What have you done with my dining room door? Where is it?
Polly: I don’t know.
Basil: Why don’t you know? I left you in charge!
Polly: I fell asleep.
Basil: You fell asleep?
Polly: It’s not my fault!
Basil: You fell asleep, and it’s not your fault?
Polly: He forgot to wake me.
Basil: Who forgot to wake you?
Polly: It is my fault. Manuel!
Basil: Manuel! I knew it!
Polly: Don’t blame him!
Basil: Why not?
Polly: It’s not really his fault.
Basil: Whose fault is it, you cloth-eared bint, Dennis Compton’s?
Polly: Well, you hired O’Reilly, didn’t you? We warned you. Who else would do this?
Basil: I beg your pardon?
Polly: You hired O’Reilly.
Basil: I see. It’s my fault? Of course. I was thinking it was your fault because you’d been left in charge, or Manuel’s for not waking you, and all the time, it was my fault. It so obvious, I’ve seen the light. I must be punished, mustn’t I? You’re a naughty boy, Fawlty. Don’t do it ag… What am I gonna do?! She’s going to be back at lunchtime!
Polly: Now, wait…
Basil: I’m a dead man! Do you realize? You’re dead, too! We’re all dead!
Polly: Don’t panic!
Basil: What else is there to do?!
Polly: We’ll call O’Reilly. He made this mess, he can clear it up. Just pull yourself together! Come on!
Basil: Again! Harder! Right! I’ll call O’Reilly. What is this? What is this doing here? What is going on here?!
Polly: Your wife ordered it. Call O’Reilly.
Basil: That golfing puff adder? What does she want…?
Polly: Call O’Reilly!
Basil: What?
Polly: Shall I call him?
Basil: No, I’ll do it. I’ll call him. See if that roof is still on.

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