Modern világ, új szavak

Modern világ, új szavak

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Új jelenségeket leíró angol szavak magyarázattal és kvízzel. 

Modern words

Feleletválasztós, nyomkodós teszt.
Melyik a helyes?
1. Why don’t you ……………….. ? It’s much faster than home delivery.
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Match the expressions with the definitions, then do the practice test.
(answers: 1-g 2-d 3-f 4-c 5-a 6-h 7-b 8-e)

1. to binge-watch

a) a trip or short vacation lasting one day

2. buzz

b) a shopping facility which enables customers to order and pay online then pick up the goods from a local branch of the store

3. flightmare

c) a new member of any group or community

4. newbie

d) excited interest or attention caused by something new, like an invention, an event or something newly fashionable

5. daycation

e) providing too much information on the Internet (for ex. personal information) especially through social network sites

6. infomania

f) unpleasant air travel experience, like lost luggage, missed connection

7. click and collect

g) to watch multiple episodes of a TV programme one after the other

8. oversharing

h) constantly checking and responding to email and text messages

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