Munkahelyi telefonálás

Munkahelyi telefonálás

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Hasznos kifejezések - Office English. 

Even if your general English conversation skills are not the best, at work you always need to communicate politely. For example, “Can I have your name, please?” sounds far better than “What’s your name?” in a professional environment. This is a list of polite expressions you can use.

Polite expressions



What’s your name?

Can I have your name please? Can I ask who’s calling?

What’s your phone number?

Can I have a contact number please?

Do you want to leave a message?

Can I take a message for you?

He is not here today/He is in a meeting.

I’m afraid Mr Tayloris out for the day/in a meeting.

Call back later.

Could you call back later?

I don’t understand. I’ll call someone else.

I’m calling a colleague with better English to deal with your request/problem.

Useful expression on the phone

Good morning. Thank you for calling our company. My name is Anna. How may I direct your call?

Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m putting you through.

Do you want to hold or would you like to call back later?

I’m afraid the line/extension is engaged/busy. I’ll transfer you to Ms Jones.

I’m returning your call on behalf of Mr Brown to let you know ...

I’m calling to confirm that ...

Which company are you calling from?

I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name. Could you spell it please?

Can you please repeat the date/location/time/phone number/e-mail address?

Is there anything else I can do for you?

to take a message - üzenetet leírni
contact number - telefonos elérhetőség
request - kérés
to put somebody through - kapcsolni valakit
to hold the line - tartani a vonalat
extension - mellék
engaged/busy - foglalt
to transfer a call - hívást átkapcsolni
to return a call - visszahívni
on behalf of - valaki nevében
to confirm - megerősíteni, visszaigazolni
to not catch someone’s name - nem érteni valaki nevét
location - helyszín
Is there anything else I can do for you? - Tehetek Önért még valamit?

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