Szókincs TESZT – A fej részei

A fej mely része illik a mondatba? Keresd meg a megfelelőt! Megoldókulcs a lap alján.

1. My long … is blond.
A: hair
B: skin
C: eyebrow
D: tooth
E: finger

2. I like her deep blue ….
A: hair
B: skin
C: eyes
D: chin
E: scalp

3. My … are usually red after running.
A: skins
B: chins
C: foreheads
D: noses
E: cheeks

4. I would like to kiss her … not only her cheeks.
A: lipps
B: leaps
C: leps
D: lieps
E: lips

5. She has got very long … on the edge of her eyelids.
A: eyebrows
B: eyelashes
C: sideburns
D: moustache
E: beard

6. The word ‘…’ means to look through almost closed eyes
A: rape
B: peep
C: guck
D: stare
E: seer

7. She has got a round …. But her brother has got a square one.
A: cheek
B: brow
C: eye
D: nose
E: face

8. He has a big long … between his eyes.
A: nose
B: brow
C: cheek
D: moustache
E: beard

9. A lot of men like having a … under their noses.
A: beard
B: hair
C: moustache
D: skin
E: nose

10. He used to have a … but then he shaved it off. Now there is no hair on his face.
A: bierd
B: bread
C: beird
D: board
E: beard

11. When she smiles I can see her nice white ….
A: nose
B: teeth
C: chin
D: jaw
E: ear

12. After piercing your ear-… you can put in an earring.
A: loube
B: lobby
C: long
D: lobe
E: log

13. I have got a sore … because I have got tonsillitis.
A: throat
B: neck
C: head
D: temple
E: chin

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14. Some men have dense and joining … above their eyes.
A: eyelashes
B: earlobes
C: eyebrows
D: foreheads
E: sideburns

15. It is said that clever people have a high ….
A: temple
B: skin
C: chin
D: forehead
E: ear

16. Small children often have a dirty … after eating.
A: teeth
B: jaw
C: forehead
D: cheek
E: chin

17. He has got such a strong … that he could bite off someone’s finger.
A: chin
B: jaw
C: throat
D: temple
E: teeth

18. He died after being hit on the side of his head called the ….
A: forehead
B: sideburns
C: cheeks
D: temple
E: templates

19. After the accident he could not move his …. So his eye was covered to protect it.
A: eyelid
B: eyebrow
C: cheek
D: throat
E: teeth

20. He has decided not to shave off his …s. Now he has got hair in front of his ears.
A: moustache
B: beard
C: sideburn
D: cheek
E: skin

1.A 2.C 3.E 4.E 5.B
6.B 7.E 8.A 9.C 10.E
11.B 12.D 13.A 14.C 15.D
16.E 17.B 18.D 19.A 20.C

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