Vocabulary TEST – Marketing and merchandising

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Vocabulary TEST – Marketing and merchandising

1. The … before date on food or drink is the day or month before which it should be consumed.
A: best
B: buy
C: eat
D: consume
E: have

2. The black … is things which are bought and sold, or money changed illegally.
A: economy
B: market
C: country
D: area
E: region

3. A … name is the name by which a particular product is sold.
A: company
B: trade
C: brand
D: mark
E: market

4. A …’s market is when there are more goods for sale than there are people to buy them.
A: seller
B: consumer
C: client
D: buyer
E: merchant

5. A … centre provides information and sells or advertises its goods or services by telephone.
A: phone
B: telephone
C: calling
D: call
E: telecommunication

6. In cash-…-carry you buy for cash and you must take the goods away yourself.
A: to
B: in
C: an
D: at
E: and

7. A cash … in a shop is the place where you can pay for the things you buy in a shop. (UK)
A: desk
B: counter
C: box
D: table
E: cash

8. The … price of an item is the price it cost to make.
A: sales
B: margin
C: buying
D: production
E: cost

9. A …-price shop sells things at lower prices than other shops.
A: low
B: second
C: cut
D: return
E: down

10. A department … is a large shop divided into several different parts selling different things.
A: store
B: storey
C: market
D: building
E: shop

11. If something is sold in an … pack it contains a larger amount of the goods for a lower price.
A: economist
B: economy
C: economics
D: economize
E: economise

12. A … market is an outside market selling old or used goods at low prices.
A: flea
B: fly
C: second hand
D: boot
E: sales

13. A … hour is a period of time when drinks are sold cheaply in a bar or a pub.
A: merry
B: happy
C: glad
D: gay
E: pleasure

14. If someone uses or tries the … sell, they try to sell something by being very forceful.
A: soft
B: hard
C: aggressive
D: force
E: easy

15. Market … is the collection and examination of information about things that people (might) buy.
A: reaction
B: analysis
C: research
D: development
E: poll

16. A … company is a company which controls other smaller companies.
A: family
B: father
C: parent
D: mother
E: daughter

17. A … assistant is someone who works in a shop serving customers.
A: shopper
B: sales
C: store
D: workshop
E: buyer

18. A shopping … is a group of shops with a common area for cars to park.
A: department
B: centre/center
C: mall
D: plaza
E: street

19. A … machine sells you small items such as cigarettes, drinks or sweets if you put coins into it.
A: vending
B: slot
C: selling
D: sales
E: merchant

20. Market … is the proportion of the total market which one company controls.
A: pie
B: percent
C: stock
D: share
E: part

1.A 2.V 3.C 4.D 5.D
6.E 7.A 8.DE 9.C 10.A
11.B 12.A 13.B 14.B 15.C
16.C 17.B 18.BC 19.AB 20.D

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