What farmers do on farms


Ebből a leckéből különböző farmgazdálkodással kapcsolatos tevékenységek angol elnevezéseit tanulhatod meg. A szöveget meg is hallgathatod. 

Farmers’ job is very complicated as they not only plough and sow, but they usually have to manage their whole farm, and make important decisions. Let’s see what farmers really do!

They are business managers, salespersons and supervisors

To make a living, a farmer must decide what and where to raise or plant crops and livestock. Farmers must be aware of trends in foods and other agricultural products, to sell the harvest at its highest price or provide sufficient calories, vitamins and minerals to keep the family and any livestock healthy. Farmers must follow the ups and downs of the commodities market, storing their harvest if they are able, selling their crop only when they think they can receive the maximum possible benefit. Everyone in the family must pull together to take care of the crops and the animals. Farmers supervise family members and seasonal agricultural workers. They hire outside help only when absolutely necessary and only hire those workers who will give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.

They are veterinarians, too

Veterinary care is expensive. Most farmers take care of all but the most complicated problems themselves, including such things as assisting in calving and lambing, treating minor to moderate cuts and abrasions, performing castrations, treating most illnesses and tending to overall general health and wellness. Most farmers administer inoculations themselves.

They are carpenters and construction workers as well

Farmers build and repair fences, barns and outbuildings and maintain coops and pens. They dig post holes, repair roofs, dig trenches and build feeders, nesting boxes and shade structures. Farmers must know how to correctly and safely use hand and power tools as well as how to safely operate heavy equipment.

to plough
to sow
to water
to harvest
to milk
to feed

to plough – szántani
to sow – vetni
to manage – irányítani
to make a decision – döntést hozni
to decide – dönteni
to raise crops– növényt termeszteni
to plant crops– növényeket elültetni
to be aware of– valaminek a tudatában
harvest– aratás, betakarítás
to provide– lehetővé tesz, biztosít
sufficient– elegendő, megfelelő
ups and downs– viszontagságok
commodities market– árupiac
to store– tárol
to supervise– felügyel
veterinary care– állatorvosi ellátás
to take care of– valamiről gondoskodni
calving– borjú születése
lambing– bárány születése
to treat cut– ellát egy vágott sebet
abrasion– dörzsölés, kopás
castration– kasztrálás
to administer inoculations– oltásokat beadni
to dig holes– gödröt ásni
to dig trenches– árkot ásni
feeder– etető
nesting box– fészkelő doboz

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