USEFUL DIALOGUES – Meeting someone for the first time


Olvassunk el egy hasznos párbeszédet bemutatkozással kapcsolatban. 

Waitress: Hi, my name is Jean. You must be the new cook, right?
Cook: That’s right. I’m Jack. Nice to meet you.
Waitress: So when are you starting?
Cook: Tomorrow. I just came in to have a look around and discuss the menu with the boss. Have you been working here long?
Waitress: Two years. I like it here. Which shift are you taking?
Cook: Morning. Is it very busy?
Waitress: It gets busy around breakfast time and then mainly drinks until lunch break.
Cook: So you’re doing the morning shift too? Who else will be in?
Waitress: There’s Kate, but she’s just left. You’ll meet her tomorrow. She’s a nice girl.
Cook: It looks quite busy now, are you working overtime?
Waitress: Yes, I need some extra but I normally do the morning shift when I need to pick up the kids.
Cook: Sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you from your work.
Waitress: No problem, I’m taking a break now but I have to go back soon.
Cook: Boss said he might need someone to do weekend overtime. Do you think it’s worth it or does it get hectic on Saturdays?
Waitress: Not too bad compared to other days. I think it’s manageable.
Cook: Thanks for the info. My previous workplace was much smaller. I’ll see how it goes.
Waitress: I’m sure you’ll like it. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t a nice place. I’ve got to go now. See you tomorrow.
Cook: Nice talking to you, see you tomorrow.


You must be the …Minden bizonnyal te vagy az új … .
That’s right.Így igaz./ Így van.
Nice to meet you. Örülök, hogy megismertelek.
I came in to have a look around.Bejöttem, hogy körülnézzek.
Have you been working here long?Régóta dolgozol itt?
Which shift are you taking?Melyik műszakban dolgozol?
Who else will be in?Ki lesz még bent?
It looks quite busy now.Elég forgalmasnak tűnik most.
Are you working overtime?Túlórázol?
Sorry I didn’t mean to keep you from work.Bocsánat, nem akartalak feltartani a munkában.
I’m sure you’ll like it.Biztos vagyok benne, hogy tetszeni fog.
Nice talking to you.Örülök, hogy beszélgettünk.


to have a look aroundkörülnézni
to discuss somethingátbeszélni valamit
shift – műszak
overtime túlóra
extra mellékes (pénz)
it’s worth itmegéri, érdemes
to compareösszehsonlítani
manageable kezelhető

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