Can you start next week?


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Can you start next week?

The Robinsons live in Brighton, a town on the British coast. They own a small hotel. The hotel is new but already very popular among the guests who come from other parts of Britain or from abroad. Now, the Robinsons need a housekeeper to help them. Mr Robinson has an interview with an applicant for the job at the moment.

Mr Robinson: So, Miss Smith, can I ask you a few questions?
Miss Smith: Certainly.
Mr Robinson: Well Miss Smith, as you know, we are very busy at this time of the year. Can you work 6 days a week?
Miss Smith: Yes. I’m single, I have no family, so I can work 6 days a week.
Mr Robinson: That’s great!      
Miss Smith: I can do the cleaning; I can do the washing and the ironing.
Mr Robinson: … and can you use the washing machine and the dishwasher?
Miss Smith: Of course! I can use any kind of electrical appliances.
Mr Robinson: Perfect! And Miss Smith, can you cook as well?
Miss Smith: To tell the truth, I can do any kind of housework but unfortunately I can’t cook.
Mr Robinson: OK, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just curious. And Miss Smith, we have two dogs. Can you take the dogs for a walk in the mornings?
Miss Smith: That’s not a problem, I like animals. I have two cats at home.
Mr Robinson: Thank you Miss Smith. I think you are the person we need. I have a final question. Can you start tomorrow?
Miss Smith: I’m very sorry, but I can’t start tomorrow, but I can start on Monday. Is that all right for you?
Mr Robinson: Oh, absolutely. It is not a problem if you can’t start tomorrow. You can start on Monday.
Miss Smith: Thank You Mrs Robinson.
Mr Robinson:Thank You Miss Smith. See you on Monday at 7.00 am!

Name the housework in the picture! 

a) to do the washing
b) to hoover the carpets
c) to do the washing up/to do the dishes
d) to do the cleaning
e) to do the ironing
f) to do the gardening
g) to mop the floor
h) to water the plants
i) to sweep the floor
j) to mow the grass


answers: 1-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-e, 5-j, 6-f, 7-i, 8-a, 9-h, 10-g

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