Finding a nanny – párbeszéd hanganyaggal

Hallgasd meg a párbeszédet, amely bébiszitter állásra való jelentkezésről szól.



Monica and her husband Peter are trying to find a nanny for their three-month old daughter, Emily. They have already seen a couple of applicants but, none of them seemed to be fine for them.

Monica: I feel we’re never gonna find a nanny!
Peter: Don’t give up, there is somebody coming in 5 minutes. Maybe she’ll be the right person.

The next applicant, Anna, a 24-year old girl, has just arrived. 

Monica: So I don’t go back to work for another four weeks, but we would like our nanny to start right away, so that Emily could get a chance to know her.
Anna: I think that’s really smart. The easier we can make the transition for her, the better.
Monica: Anna, could you tell me something about your qualifications?
Anna: I took part in a babysitter’s training program organised by the British Red Cross. Here is my certificate. The program included a certification in infant and child CPR, too.
Monica: What do you think, the most important qualities are to be a good babysitter?
Anna: In my opinion, a babysitter has to understand how hard it is to leave your child with another person.  A babysitter has to be able to choose safe and age appropriate toys and games for the child, has to carry out basic care, such as feeding and changing, at last, but not least has to be able to perform basic first aid, and ensure a safe babysitting experience.
Monica: All right, Anna. You could read in our ad, that we are looking for a nanny who can take care of Emily every day from 8 am to 5 pm. Is it okay with you?
Anna: Yes, certainly.
Monica: When can you start?
Anna: If you need, I can start from tomorrow.
Monica: That sounds great. We’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at 8 am, and I’ll show you everything then.
Anna: Thank you Mrs Collins. See you tomorrow.

nanny – bébiszitter
applicant – jelentkező
to give up – felad
to get a chance – kap egy esélyt
smart – ügyes
transition – átmenet
qualification – képzettség, szakképzettség
Red Cross – Vöröskereszt
certificate – bizonyítvány
CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation ) – újraélesztés
in my opinion – véleményem szerint
age appropriate – kornak megfelelő
basic care – alapvető ellátás
to perform basic first aid – alapvető elsősegély nyújtást biztosít
to ensure – biztosít, lehetővé tesz

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