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Falling in love

People usually fall in love in two ways. One is when you meet somebody, start talking, find out that you have things in common and spend more and more time together. You enjoy each other’s company, you find the other person attractive and fun. First maybe you will have a crush on them, in secret. You go on dates. You have candlelit dinners and go on romantic walks. After the first kiss you start feeling butterflies in your stomach. You have fallen in love. If this feeling is mutual, you start going out. You become a couple in a relationship.

Another way people fall for somebody is called love at first sight. They see each other for the first time, maybe they meet on a blind date event, and fall in love at once. It depends on what kind of person you are. Some people say love at first sight is just about physical attraction, but there are many long and steady relationships that started with chemistry.

We are different, so we react in various ways when we are in love.Some people are timid and shy, so when they meet somebody they find attractive, their heart skips a beat and they blush. They are at loss for words. Other people make the first step and they are not so afraid of being rejected. They start flirting to draw attention to themselves. They give compliments, look their best and try to seduce the person they like.

Sometimes love can be very painful. This can happen when somebody doesn’t return your love or if they break up with you. It is also very heartbreaking when somebody cheats on you or leaves you for another person.

Love to marriage

If you are lucky, you fall in love with somebody who loves you back. After going out for some time, people who are in love start thinking about getting married and having a family. People usually think about marriage if they feel that they want to spend the rest of their lives with their boyfriend or girlfriend, if they think they have found their soul mate in their partner. It is more typical for the man to propose to the woman. He pops the big question, asking her to be his wife. He gives the girl an engagement ring, which is traditionally a diamond ring. The couple gets engaged and starts planning their wedding date and ceremony.

In more conservative and traditional families it is customary to ask a woman’s father for her hand in marriage before the proposal. You have to sit down and have a long talk with your future bride’s father and explain why you wish to marry his daughter, how you are planning to provide for her and your future family. You promise to take care of her. In some cultures marriages are pre-arranged and the bride and the groom don’t even know or love each other. The groom’s family pays a bride price and the bride’s family gives money, goods or estate to the marriage. This is called dowry.

In more modern cultures the couple chooses each other and ties the knot because they are in love. However, they still ask for their parents’ blessing. There is no dowry and bride price, but in some cases there are prenuptial agreements. Many people think that there is no need for these agreements if you really love each other, but they can come in handy if the marriage ends in divorce and one of the spouses has a bigger wealth than the other.

to fall in love with – beleszeretni valakibe
to have things in common– valakikben közös valami (érdeklődés pl.)
to enjoy – élvezni valamit
company – társaság
attractive – vonzó
to have a crush on – beleesni valakibe
date – randi
candlelit – gyertyafényes
to feel butterflies in one’s stomach – izgulni/lámpalázasnak lenni
mutual – kölcsönös
to go out – járni (egymással)
love at first sight – szerelem első látásra
blind date – vakrandi
at once – hirtelen, egyszerre csak, azonnal
physical attraction – fizikai/testi vonzalom
chemistry – kémia (itt: összhang két ember között)
timid – félénk
shy – szégyenlős
one’s heart skips a beat – kihagy egy dobbanást a szíve
to blush – elpirul
to be at loss for words – szóhoz sem jutni/nem találni a szavakat
to make the first step – megtenni az első lépést
to be rejected – visszautasítva lenni
to flirt – flörtölni
to draw attention to oneself – magára vonni a figyelmet
compliment – bók, bókolás
to seduce – (el)csábítani
painful – fájdalmas
to return somebody’s love – viszonozni valaki szerelmét
to break up – szakítani (valakivel)
heart-breaking – szívszorító, szívfacsaró
to cheat on – megcsalni valakit
to leave somebody for – elhagyni valakit valakiért
to love somebody back – viszontszeretni valakit
to get married – összeházasodni
marriage – házasság
the rest of one’s life – valaki életének a hátralévő része
soul mate – lelki társ
to propose – megkérni valaki kezét
to pop the question – megkérni valaki kezét
engagement – eljegyzés
to get engaged – eljegyezni egymást
wedding ceremony – házassági szertartás
traditional – hagyományos
customary – szokásos
proposal – leánykérés
to provide for somebody – gondoskodik valakiről
to take care of somebody – vigyáz valakire, törődik valakivel
pre-arranged – előre elrendezett
estate – ingatlan
dowry – hozomány
to tie the knot – összeházasodni
blessing – áldás
prenuptial arrangements – házassági szerződés
to come in handy – jól jön valami
divorce – válás
spouse – hitves/házastárs
wealth – vagyon

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