Working in a supermarket


Nézzük át mit kell tudni, ha angol nyelven szeretnék szupermarketben elhelyezkedni. 

Many foreign workers start out as shopassistants or cashiers and work in supermarkets, department stores, or other smaller shops, like florist’s or baker’s. Basically employersrange from village corner shops to multi-national department stores.

Serving customers and taking payments are the key responsibilities of shop assistants. Depending on the type of shop they work in, they may also advise customers, help them find goods, give information on products, order stockstock shelvesnotify customers of sales and special offers, and sometimes they also keep the shop clean. 

Shop assistants and cashiers may be required to work long hours, holidays, overtime or on weekends, including Sundays. More and more males are working in this sector even though it is dominated by females.

Most cashiers and shop assistants receive training on the job. Your training may be difficult if you don’t understand what your supervisor says.

to start out as  valahogy kezdeni
cashier  pénztáros
department store – áruház
employer – munkaadó
to range from – terjed, sorakozik
to serve customers – kiszolgálni a vásárlókat/ügyfeleket
payment – fizetés
key responsibility  – kulcsfontosságú feladat
to depend on  – valamitől függ
to advice customers – tanácsot ad a vevőknek/ügyfeleknek
goods – áru/árucikkek
to order stock – árukészletet rendelni
to stock shelves – feltölteni a polcokat
to notify somebody of something – értesíteni valakit valamiről
to be required to do something – megkérve lenni valamire
overtime – túlóra, túlórázás
to be dominated by – valami/valaki által dominálva lenni
to receive training – képzést kapni
on the job – a munkahelyen
supervisor – felügyelő, felettes


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age restricted items
korhatáros termékek
bar code
cash register
gift certificate/gift card
price tag
loyalty card/club card
törzsvásárlói kártya
shopping basket
shopping trolley


Nowadays supermarkets are self-service, which means that you do not really have to ask for anything while shopping (except meat and fish, as they are usually measured and wrapped by butchers’ and fishmongers inside the shop). You find the different products in different aisles in the supermarket which makes shopping easier. If you buy your grocery at a smaller shop you may be assisted by a shop assistant or the shopkeeper. When you’ve collected everything you need, you have to go to the checkout to pay for your groceries. The cashier will scan the barcodes of the items you’ve bought and will deactivate the security device of certain items (like clothes, CDs, DVDs, etc.).

Sometimes the cash register runs out of register tape, which means the cashier can’t print out receipts. In this case the cashier has to insert a new one. It may take some minutes. When all your items are registered, the cashier tells you how much you’ll have to pay. She or he may also ask how you would like to pay (in cash or by bank card/credit card). If the shop has loyalty card programmes the cashier will ask you whether you have one so that you can get discounts or collects points. If you don’t have any shopping bags with you, you may purchase some at the checkout, but they are usually not for free, the cashier will charge a small amount for them. 

self-service – önkiszolgáló
to be measured – megmérve lenni
to be wrapped – becsomagolva lenni
aisle – sor (áruházban, szupermarketben)
to be assisted by – kiszolgálva lenni valaki által
checkout – pénztár
groceries – élelmiszeráru, bevásárlás
to scan the barcodes – leolvasni a vonalkódokat
to deactivate the security device – hatástalanítani a biztonsági eszközt
cash register – pénztárgép
to run out of – kifogyni valamiből
register tape – pénztárgép szalag
to print out – kinyomtatni
receipt – blokk, számla
to pay in cash – készpénzzel fizetni
to pay by credit card/bank card – bankkártyával fizetni
loyalty card – törzsvásárlói kártya/klubkártya
to get a discount – kedvezményt kapni
to collect points – pontokat gyűjteni
to purchase something – megvásárolni valamit
for free – ingyenesen
to charge something for something – valamit felszámolni valamiért
small amount kis összeg


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