Advent Calendar 2020 Day 8: Dash and Lily trailer

Egy piros füzet, egy könyvesbolt, egy fiú és egy lány. Indulhat a karácsonyi kihívás. Vajon mi lesz a vége? A Netflix Dash and Lily című mini sorozata segít ráhangolódni az ünneplésre.

Imagine that you’re in New York and it’s Christmas. You’re in your favourite bookstore, and there’s a red notebook. Do you dare?

– Do I dare? Not for just anyone. But I have to confess you intrigue me. You asked how this time of year makes me feel, so I know you’ll understand when I say…

– He hates Christmas!

– Lily, get out of my room.

– „It’s the most detestable time of the year. The forced cheer, the frenzied crowds.”

– Put the book back on the shelf and try again.

– If you want to know more about me, you’ll have to earn it with a dare.

– What’s that? A diary?

– It had these clues like a treasure hunt.

– He stole Santa’s hat.

– So, Mystery Boy, do you feel the holiday spirit?

– You like her.

– Okay, Clue Girl, wait, and see what I have in store for you. Release your negative emotions. I dare you to let it all out.

– I’m starting to like him.

– I like him most because he encourages you to get out of your bubble.

– Down the rabbit hole.

This holiday season dare to fall in love.

– I believe.

– I really want to meet you and think about you all the time.

– So what are you doing here. Go find her.

– What if I’m not who he thinks? What if I ruin everything?

– Lily?

Find the synonyms of the words.

1. detestable
a. challenge
2. dare
b. to interest
3. mystery
c. merriment
4. cheer
d. hateful
5. to intrigue
e. puzzle
6. rabbit
f. hint
7. clue
g. hare


  1. d.
  2. a.
  3. e.
  4. c.
  5. b.
  6. g.
  7. f.


Do you dare? Meg mered csinálni? Benne vagy a kihívásban?
to confess bevallani
to intrigue érdekelni, izgatni
to hate utálni
detestable utálatos, gyűlöletes
forced erőltetett
cheer vidámság, jókedély
frenzied őrjöngő
crowd tömeg
to earn kiérdemelni
dare kihívás
diary napló
clue nyom, jel
treasure hunt kincskeresés
mystery rejtély
to have sg in store tartogatni valamit
to release kiereszteni, kiengedni
to let it all out kiereszteni mindent
to encourage biztatni, ösztönözni
to get out of your bubble kilépni a buborékodból/komfort zónádból
rabbit hole nyúlüreg
to believe hinni
to ruin elrontani

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