I Didn’t Know That – Crash Test Dummy

A National Geographic csatorna "I didn't know that" sorozatának a törésteszt-bábukkal foglalkozó részét nézheted meg szószedettel és két feladattal (alap- és középfok)! 

Alapfokú feladat

1. The laboratory is for testing ……………….. .
a) cars
b) crash test dummies 

2. In the film they test the dummy’s ……………….. .
a) head and knee
b) head and back

3. The dummy ……………….. like a human body.
a) breaks
b) doesn’t break

4. They put ……………….. in the dummy.
a) sensors
b) batteries 

5. The dummy in the film ………………..  the test.
a) passed
b) didn’t pass

Középfokú feladat 

True or false?

1. Dummies are tested every 20 years.

2. Dummies are calibrated to measure the force of impact in an accident.

3. The head test is done with the help of an electro magnet.

4. The frontal chest test measures impact when the dummy goes out of the windscreen.

5. Dummies are recalibrated after a few crash tests.

alapfok: 1-b 2-b 3-b 4-a 5-a, középfok: 1-F 2-T 3-T 4-F 5-T


I didn’t know that – Crash test dummies

Throughout the world of testing, there’s always one guy that seems to take the hit in the name of safety.  He’s a crash test dummy.  At a laboratory in Holland, they test them to ensure their reactions are as human as possible. Ouch.  …..  Ow!

First up, the head drop test. Inside the head are three sensors for measuring acceleration or deceleration; one for each direction.  A sensor in the neck measures the forces on the dummy.  …..  The head is held by an electro magnet, when the button is pressed the current is cut. Ow!

The deceleration; the rate at which the head slows when it hits is measured in ‘g’.

The lower limit is set to 100G and up-limit is set to 150G.  The value we measured is 125G so that’s right in the middle so we can say that the head has passed its certification.

Next the knee impact test.  A 5 kilogram weight is dropped onto the knee to measure the displacement.  Ouch!

Here, a new dummy is about to be hit full in the ribs.  He has three abdominal force sensors, and his shoulders rotate realistically to expose his side.  Where a human body would break, the dummy stays intact and measures the damage.  In fact a dummy can last for 20 years, but it needs to be recalibrated every few crash tests to make sure it’s still accurate. OW!

Lastly, it’s time for the frontal chest test on the kind of forces the dummy could go through if it hit the steering wheel.  If you tried to push the dummy’s chest with your hand, you’d get about a centimeter in.  With this test, it’s compressed more like 7 centimeters. Ow!

Nasty stuff, but it’s these simulations that save lives and this dummy is a pass.

source: National Geographic Channel 


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to take the hit – feláldozza magát
in the name of – valaminek a nevében
crash test dummy – törésteszt bábu 
to ensure – biztosítani
sensor – érzékelő, szenzor
to measure acceleration – gyorsulást mérni
deceleration – lassulás, sebesség csökkenése
to be held by – tartja valami
electro magnet – elektromágnes
to cut the current – megszakítani az áramellátást
lower limit – alsó határ
up-limit – felső határ
value – érték
to pass certification – átmegy a minősítésen
impact – behatás, ütközés
displacement – elmozdulás
rib – borda
abdominal – hasi
to rotate – fordulni
to stay intact – egészben marad, sértetlen marad
damage – kár, sérülés
to be recalibrated – újrakalibrálják
accurate – pontos
steering wheel – kormánykerék
nasty stuff – ronda dolog 

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