Level 3 – Mit fogunk megtanulni ezen a kurzuson?

UNIT 1 – Customs and traditions
Nyelvtan: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, irregular verbs, used to, was/were going to
Szókincs: customs, traditions, holiday
Nyelvhasználat: talking about holidays, talking about family customs and traditions

UNIT 2 – Life in the future
Nyelvtan: future tenses
Szókincs: future plans and decisions
Nyelvhasználat: talking about your future plans, our future, new year’s resolutions

UNIT 3 – Describing people
Nyelvtan: adjectives, adverbs and comparisons
Szókincs: celebrities, famous people, gossip
Nyelvhasználat: talking about celebrities, celebrity lifestyles, gossip, cinema and films

UNIT 4 – National Cuisines
Nyelvtan: countable and uncountable nouns, much/many, few/little, lot of/plenty of, some/any, a/the
Szókincs: national cuisines and recipes
Nyelvhasználat: talking about national cuisines and national recipes, eating habits

UNIT 5 – Love and marriage
Nyelvtan: reflexive, emphatic pronouns
Szókincs: love, marriage
Nyelvhasználat: talking about love and marriage, heart idioms

UNIT 6 – Traffic signs and warnings
Nyelvtan: modals
Szókincs: transport, driving, traffic signs
Nyelvhasználat: driving in Britain, highway code, traffic rules

UNIT 7 – Britain
Nyelvtan: prepositions of place, time and movement
Szókincs: Britain
Nyelvhasználat: talking about Britain

UNIT 8 – Hungary
Nyelvtan: questions, question words, question tags
Szókincs: Hungary
Nyelvhasználat: talking about Hungary

UNIT 9 – Life Long Learning
Nyelvtan: present perfect continuous
Szókincs: education, learning
Nyelvhasználat: talking about education and learning, learning English, Life Long Learning

UNIT 10 – News events
Nyelvtan: present perfect and present perfect continuous
Szókincs: news events, newspapers, magazines, reports
Nyelvhasználat: talking about new events, reporting news events, newspapers and magazines

UNIT 11 – Superstitions, nightmares and phobias
Nyelvtan: ing/infinitive
Szókincs: phobias, fears, nightmares and superstitions
Nyelvhasználat: talking about your fear and phobias, having nightmares, superstitions in Britiain

UNIT 12 – Royals
Nyelvtan: relative clauses
Szókincs: the royal family
Nyelvhasználat: talking about the Royal family and the Monarchy

UNIT 13 – Advertisements and commercials
Nyelvtan: passives
Szókincs: commercials and advertisements
Nyelvhasználat: talking about commercials and advertisements, tv spots and their effects

UNIT 14 – Unemployment
Nyelvtan: past perfect
Szókincs: social issues: unemployment
Nyelvhasználat: talking about unemployment, finding a job, a job interview

UNIT 15 – Lottery, gambling and casino games
Nyelvtan: 2nd and 3rd conditionals
Szókincs: gambling and casino games
Nyelvhasználat: talking about gambling, lottery, cards and casino games

UNIT 16 – Beauty and cosmetic surgery
Nyelvtan: wishes
Szókincs: beauty, cosmetics, plastic surgery
Nyelvhasználat: talking about what beaut

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