Useful dialogues – Renting a holiday home


Ebből a párbeszédből megtanulhatod, hogyan kell telefonon apartmant foglalni nyaraláshoz. 

Man: Hello, this is Robert Swan speaking. Am I talking to a Mr. Jonas?
Owner: Yes, Mario Jonas. How can I help you?
Man: I heard you have holiday homes to let. I got your phone number from a friend who stayed at
one of your rentals last summer.
Owner: I see. Yes, there are still some apartments available, but not for long. Everything is usually
taken by July. Do you have anything in mind?
Man: Well, it needs to be quite large with three or four bedrooms and at least two bathrooms. We need it for three couples and two friends. Eight people altogether.
Owner: I think I have just the place for you. It’s not my closest property to the beach, however.
Man: Oh. How far is it from the beach?
Owner: Well, it’s not that far. A 10-minute walk from the seaside up a hill. But the view is splendid from the balconies.
Man: That sounds perfect. How much does it cost for a week?
Owner: It’s a daily 20EUR per person but it’s fully equipped with a separate bathroom joining each of the four two-bedded rooms. There’s also a large living room and a dining area with a TV and DVD player.
Man: Is the kitchen fully equipped, too? Will we be able to cook there?
Owner: Yes, there’s even a dishwasher and all the necessary household appliances, some pots and pans, plates and cutlery … and a washing machine as well, of course.
Man: Then it is a great bargain it seems. I would like to reserve it for us for a week starting with 2nd of July. Oh, and I almost forgot. We will be traveling by car. Do you have a garage or a safe place to park two cars?
Owner: Don’t worry. There’s a parking lot in front of the rental and it’s an extremely peaceful and safe area.
Man: That’s great. Could you give me the exact address and maybe some directions of how to get there once we reach the town?

How can I help you? – Miben segíthetek?
There are still some apartments available. – Van még néhány szabad apartman.
Do you have anything in mind? – Van valami elképzelése?
How far is it from the beach? – Milyen messze van a strandtól?
How much does it cost for a week? – Mennyibe kerül egy hétre?
it’s fully equipped – teljesen felszerelt
Could you give me the exact address? – Meg tudná adni a pontos címet? 

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