Sea Idioms – szókincs, interaktív feladat

A következő szókincsfejlesztő leckében a tengerrel kapcsolatos idiómákat járjuk körbe egy kis interaktív feladattal fűszerezve! 

There are a plenty of (other) fish in the sea.
meaning: there are other choices (refers to persons)
magyarul: van más is a világon, van még hal a vízben

to get/find/have one’s sea legs
meaning: the ability to adjust to a new situation
magyarul: belejönni valamibe

a spit/drop in the ocean
meaning: an inconsequential amount
magyarul: csepp a tengerben

to boil the ocean
meaning: to waste one’s time
magyarul: pazarolni az időt felesleges tevékenységgel

between the devil and the deep blue sea
meaning: having only two bad choices
magyarul: két tűz között, csak két rossz közül tudni választani

to be at sea
meaning: confused
magyarul: tanácstalan

to make waves
meaning: to cause difficulty, disturbance, controversy
magyarul: szándékosan problémát teremteni, hullámokat verni

a sea change
meaning: a complete change
magyarul: óriási változás

The coast is clear.
meaning: it is safe to go somewhere or do something because no one is watching or listening
magyarul: tiszta a levegő

to have a whale of a time
meaning: to really enjoy yourself
magyarul: nagyon jól érezni magát, állatira élvezni valamit

to rock the boat
meaning: to create a problem that wasn’t there, to challenge the status quo
magyarul: megzavarni a kialakult nyugalmat, megbillenteni a hajót

oceans of something
meaning: a very large amount
magyarul: sok, jelentős, rengeteg

like a fish out of water
meaning: a person who feels awkward or unhappy because they are in a situation that is not familiar or because they are different from the people around them
magyarul: mint a partra vetett hal

jump the shark
meaning: (usually of television shows) to reach a point where something stops becoming more popular or starts to decrease in quality
magyarul: kifogyni az ötletekből

a big fish only in a small pond
meaning: to have a lot of influence only over a small area
magyarul: kis helyen nagy ember

packed to the gills
meaning: completely full; having no room to spare.
magyarul: teljesen tele van/dugig van

to fish in troubled waters
meaning: to try to win an advantage from a difficult situation or from someone else’s problems.
magyarul: zavarosban halászni

to have other/bigger fish to fry
meaning: to have something more important to do
magyarul: jobb dolga is akad/fontosabb dolga van

to keep someone at bay
meaning: to prevent someone from moving closer
magyarul: sakkban tartani/védekezésre késztetni valakit

The world is your oyster.
meaning: you can do what you want, you have loads of opportunities
magyarul: Tiéd a világ/A világ a lábaid előtt hever.

sources: Cambridge Dictionary; The Free Dictionary by Farlex

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