VAN LIFE – Élet 4 keréken – Lakókocsi előnyei és hátrányai

Milyen az élet négy keréken? Sokan választják a lakókocsis életformát, de mi az előnye és a hátránya ennek az életmódnak? Az előnyökről és a hátrányokról olvashatsz ebben a cikkben, amely teljes verzióját a 2022. augusztusi lapszámban találod meg. 

The biggest worries of older people have become the dreams of the young

Vanlife is becoming more and more popular, especially among young people who want to give up their four walls and live in a vehicle instead. Homelessness used to be the biggest fear of older people, but younger people are starting to dream about it. Why are more and more people choosing to live in cars?


Life in a van is freedom. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and be whoever you want to be. You can reinvent yourself in an instant and be a different person every day.

What was almost impossible for our parents and grandparents to do is now possible: work and travel at the same time.

The dream of becoming a digital nomad and travelling the world full time while doing interesting work and saving money sounds great. But when you gain more freedom, you lose some stability in your life, as well.

Many people like to feel safe, and for some, the most important thing is their family. If you’re thinking about living in a van but can’t go a day without seeing your parents, you probably shouldn’t try vanlife.

Work and travel can now be done together, which used to be almost impossible. Nowadays, vanlife and digital nomadism have become a way for many people to find freedom. In our world of restrictions, the idea of living a free life on the road is becoming more and more appealing.


Living in a van is easy. You have everything you own with you. You don’t have to drive to work and back home because your work is at home.

You don’t have to get in your car and drive to the beach and back before it gets dark. You just park your house there, put your feet in the sand, and watch the sun go down. In the morning, you can watch the sun rise.

The small amount of space you have in a van makes it easy to live there. You can only bring a certain number of things, which means you have less to choose from. If you have fewer options, you’ll have to make fewer decisions, and fewer decisions mean things are easier. The best kind of minimalism.

A CIKK FOLYTATÁSÁT A 2022. AUGUSZTUSI LAPSZÁMBAN TALÁLOD MEG (nyomtatott vagy digitális formában):



worry aggódás, aggodalom
to give up feladni
to reinvent újra meghatározni/kitalálni
to gain szerezni
can’t go a day without egy napot sem tudsz meglenni nélküle
restriction korlátozás
appealing vonzó
simplicity egyszerűség
space hely

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