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Nem mindennapi poénokkal és beszólásokkal hökkentette meg a közönséget, beszéde hatalmas sikert aratott. Videóval!

HIS award may have been Elementary, dear Watson, but Sherlock Holmes star ROBERT DOWNEY JR was like a breath of fresh air at the Golden Globes. After the gushing and endless thank-yous of the previous winners, Robert – who picked up the Best Actor in a Comedy gong – also bagged our prize for the most entertaining speech of the night.

To see him in action, click below.

Referring to the music which drowns the longer speeches, he threatened: “If they start playing violins I will tear this place apart!” And he raised a laugh when he said Avatar would have ruined Sherlock’s chances at the box office: “If it hadn’t been for me.”

He thanked wife SUSAN for saying “MATT DAMON has won it so don’t bother preparing a speech”.

And after saying who he wasn’t going to thank, he said: “I’m not going to thank JOEL SILVER, the man who restarted my career about 12 times.”

He again paid tribute to his wife, saying: “If it wasn’t for her I would be bussing tables at the Daily Grill.”



elementary – alapvet?, elementáris
a breath of fresh air – egy lélegzetnyi friss leveg?
gushing – ömleng?
to restart – újrakezd, elölr?l elkezd
to buss – cuppanósan megcsókol
Daily Grill – “Napi Grill”, Amerikában híressé vált étteremlánc neve

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10 érdekesség a színészr?l!!!

1. Robert’s dad Robert Downey Sr. was an actor, writer, cinematographer
and independent filmmaker and the family moved frequently because of
his work. Robert spent time in New York, California, Woodstock,
Connecticut, Paris and London as a child.

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2. Five-year-old Robert made his big screen debut as a puppy in his
father’s 1970 movie Pound. Aww!

3. Robert’s dad introduced him to drugs by offering him a joint at a
party at the age of eight. Downey Sr. said later: “We thought it would be
hypocritical to not have our kids participate in marijuana and stuff
like that.” Hmm, maybe in retrospect it wasn’t such a good idea.

4. Robert went through a Billy Elliot phase and studied classical
ballet while living in London at the age of ten.

5. One of Robert’s best pals as a child was Richard Hall, otherwise
known as dance star Moby. Their parents used to smoke pot together but the
pair haven’t seen each other for years.

6. Robert dropped out of high school to pursue his acting career at the
age of 17.

7. Robert allegedly shocked the cast of 1985 movie Weird Science when
he defecated in star Kelly LeBrock’s trailer. Apparently he didn’t
appreciate her patronising approach to her younger castmates.

8. Robert wed first wife Deborah Falconer after only six weeks of
dating. They had son Indio Falconer Downey and divorced after 12 years.

9. Robert began a romance with Calista Flockhart on the set of Ally
McBeal but they went their separate ways when he tumbled off the wagon and
ended up in rehab. Unfortunately for Robert, his hopes for a reunion
were scuppered when she hooked up with current squeeze Harrison Ford. He
says: “Once Harrison came on the scene that was it, but I tell myself
not many guys can compete with Harrison Ford.”

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10. In a bid to “bury” his decadent past and start afresh after his
Oscar nod for 1992 film Chaplin, Robert buried the clothes he wore to play
a cocaine addict in 1987’s Less Than Zero in his back yard. It’s safe
to say it didn’t work.

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