Hogyan is készítsünk sütőtökös pitét otthon – Alapfok (B1)

Gergő | 2014. 10. 09.

Gyakoroljuk az alapfokú nyelvvizsgák gyakori feladattípusát: lyukas szöveg kiegészítése adott egységgel. 

Read the text. Use the sentences labelled A-H to complete the text. Write the letter of the missing sentence in the box in the correct gap. There are two extra sentences you will not need.

How to make home-made pumpkin pie

You probably take pumpkin pie from canned pumpkin for granted.  You’re there, the can is there, there’s a pumpkin on the label, open it and mix it up with spices to make a pie, right? 1) ……………….. 

This recipe makes a light and fluffy pumpkin pie! Here’s how to do it, with complete instructions in easy steps and fully illustrated. 2) ………………..  This makes a light, fluffy pumpkin pie with a fresh, traditional pumpkin pie taste. I can assure you that this will be the best pumpkin pie you’ve ever made!

3) ……………….. Children just love pumpkins: growing them, carving them, and making a pie from them!  And who cares if Libby’s says there will be a shortage of canned pumpkin this year? 4) ……………….. Just have a Jack-o-Lantern? If all you have is a Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin (no pie pumpkin or butternut squash) then see the next page for the recipe to make a pie from an ordinary carving pumpkin.

5) ……………….. And if you want a unique and special pumpkin pie, try the pumpkin pie with a pecan topping – it is awesome! If you want to try a super healthy alternative, there’s my new carrot pie recipe. 6) ……………….. It’s even easier and faster to make. I can guarantee your guests won’t know the difference; they’ll just think it’s the best pumpkin pie they’ve ever had!


            As long as you can find a pumpkin or a butternut squash, you can make a better pumpkin pie!

B             And it is much easier than you think, using my tips and tricks!

C             Make sure you wash your pumpkin thoroughly before peeling it.

D             This “faux pumpkin pie” looks and tastes just like a pumpkin pie, but is made from carrots instead.

            Ah, but a pumpkin pie made from a fresh pumpkin tastes so much better than the glop that was processed last year!

            Pumpkins grow better during hot sunny days than in the autumn.

           This is also a great thing to do with your kids!

H             You can even freeze the pie after cooking it.


answer key: 1-E, 2-B, 3-G, 4-A, 5-H, 6-D

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