Travelling by air – MP3

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If you want to travel long distance, the most convenient mean of transport is air-travel. Nowadays it is easy to buy an air-ticket: you can book flights online or you can buy them at travel agencies, too.
Travelling by air can be quite cheap, budget airlines offer affordable prices for everyone. You board the plane (get on the plane) at the airport. Usually, travellers have to arrive at the airport two hours before the plane departs (takes off). When you arrive at the airport, you have to check in at the check-in counter. You have to check in your bags, too. After checking in you’ll have to pass through security where they will check your ID or passport and your carry-on bags. You will also have to walk through a metal detector, which will check for illegal items. After you’ve passed through security, you can go to the gate where you’ll wait to board your flight.

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