Morgan Freeman Used to Be a Mail Carrier


A filmsztár arról mesél Jimmy Kimmelnek, hogy régen postásként dolgozott - videó szöveggel, szószedettel és feladattal.

Morgan Freeman Used to Be a Mail Carrier

JK: I’ve never heard you speak about it, but did you at one time used to work for the post office?

MF: Yes.

JK: Where did you work for the post office?

MF: San Francisco.

JK: That seems like the worst place to deliver mail.

MF: Any place is the worst place to deliver mail.

JK: Were you a mail carrier?

MF: I was a mail carrier – I was a substitute mail carrier, that’s the worst kind of mail carrier you can be.

JK: Why is that the worst?

MF: Because you don’t know the route. You know, the mail carrier takes off, he is gone for a week, or a day or whatever and then, then you take his route and you don’t know anything about it. And a lot of mail boxes you can’t find. But you’d better deliver the mail.

JK: Wow.

MF: You know, one day there were dogs. At the door. Daring you to do anything. Stick the mail in and hold it.

JK: A substitute mail carrier, I never even realised they…

MF: I’m not gonna get into trouble for telling this story, because it was like, you know, the early sixties…

JK: You should be fine… And I don’t even think you even did anything wrong.

MF: Really

JK: You know, the price of stamps just went down from 49 to 47 cents. You still… you mail things, are you a letter writer?

MF: No.

JK: You are not. So you do not have interaction with your mail person.

MF: U-huh.

JK: You don’t go out to get the mail yourself?

MF: I do not.

JK: You do not.

MF: I have people who work for me, they do all that kind of stuff.

JK: That’s really… That’s when you know you are a big shot, when you don’t have to go to the mail box.

MF: Jimmy…

JK: Yes?

MF: I’m a movie star.


mail carrier


at one time


to deliver mail

postát kézbesíteni





mail box


to dare someone to do

heccelni valakit

to get into trouble

bajba kerülni



mail person


that kind of stuff

ilyen dolgok, ilyesmik

a big shot


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