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10 Things Brazil Does Better Than Anyone Else

The mere mention of Brazil brings to mind sun, fun, and samba, but there are a whole lot of other things the country does particularly well. Here are 10 things done better in Brazil than anywhere else.

Number 10. Unique sports. A popular pastime in Brazil is a friendly competition known as footvolley. It’s like beach volleyball, only players use their feet instead of their hands. Given the country’s ample supply of beaches and general love of soccer, melding the two was bound to happen.
Number 9. Vacation days. At 41, they have more of them than any other country. 30 of them are paid work leave and the remaining 11 are due to national holidays.
Number 8. Table manners. When it comes to eating in the most polite manner possible, Brazilians have it pretty well locked up. It’s common practice to use silverware at all times, even when eating burgers and pizza.
Number 7. Outdoor culture. Given the weather they’ve been blessed with, it’s not surprising that Brazilians enjoy a wide variety of activities that take advantage of it. Beaches, sidewalk cafes, and wildlife excursions are but a few of the country’s popular pastimes.
Number 6. Juice bars. Not only does Brazil have a lot of them, they are often stocked with some amazing tropical fruits. Caju, camu-camu, and pitanga are just a few ingredient options. Their bananas are also hailed as being the tastiest the world has to offer.
Number 5. Soccer World Cup wins. So far, they’ve won the title 5 times. Their first was in 1958 and their most recent happened in 2002.
Number 4. Big, splashy parties. Carnival and the New Years’ Reveillon bash are two of the biggest spectacles in the world. There’s also a whole lot of fun that goes on during the rest of the year. Religious holidays, regional celebrations, and arts festivals are just a few of the reasons Brazilians get together and enjoy the good times.
Number 3. Coffee production. Brazil is the leader when it comes to producing coffee beans. They’re responsible for producing about 55 million bags a year, of which over 30 million are exported.
Number 2. Large religious statuary. Christ the Redeemer, a statue of Jesus Christ which is perched atop Corcovado Mountain, is nearly 125 feet (38m) tall. Built in 1931, it’s been named one of the 7 New Wonders of the World.
Number 1. Music Influence. This is particularly the case with bossa nova, a mix between samba and jazz. It emerged in the 1950s and was created by a group of students, artists, and musicians embracing and defining their unique bohemian lifestyles and beach culture.

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source: geobeats

mere mention puszta említése
to bring to mind – eszébe juttatni
to have an ample supply of – bőségesen el van látva
soccer – foci (amerikai angol)
to be bound to happen – meg kell történni
paid work leave – fizetett szabadság
table manners – étkezési illemszokások
to have it locked up – nagyon tudnak
common practice – elterjedt szokás
silverware – evőeszköz
to be blessed with – valamivel megáldott
to take advantage of – kihasználni a lehetőséget
wildlife excursion – vadvilági túrák
to be stocked with – el van látva valamivel
ingredient – összetevő, hozzávaló
splashy – feltűnő, hivalkodó
spectacle – látványosság
religious holiday – vallási ünnep
religious statuary – vallásos szoborgyűjtemény
this is particularly the case with – ez kifejezetten érvényes
to emerge – felbukkanni
to embrace – megölelni, felvállalni, magáévá tenni
lifestyle – életmód

Match the words with the synonyms.

1. to embrace

a) to remind

2. to bring to mind

b) vacation

3. splashy

c) cutlery

4. silverware

d) to accept

5. paid work leave

e) glitzy

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-c 5-b


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