Al Bundy – Shoe Store Scene with three girls

Ki más segíthetne nekünk a cipővásárláshoz szükséges angol megtanulásában, mint Al Bundy? :-)

Three attractive aerobics instructors [Trish, Heather and Jackie], still dressed in their leotards, enter the store and start to look round.
AL:     Go home Peg.
PEGGY:  [to the girls] We’re closed.
They start to leave.
AL:     Hey no, we’ve never been more open.
Peggy gives Al a look.
AL:     How can I disappoint the poor ladies, Peg?
PEGGY:  Have sex with them.
AL:     [laughing] Heheheheh, I intend to.
Al walks over to the girls.
AL:     Er… Ladies, sit down.
The three girls brush past Al to get a seat. Al has a good look at them and almost starts crying.
AL:     Er… Where you ladies from?
TRISH:  We’re from right next door, the aerobics studio. So many times we’ve passed by and seen your little face pressed against the window, so we thought we’ll come in.
She sits down with the other two girls.
TRISH:  Do you have time?
AL:     For you? Of course.
Al sits on the stool.

AL:     Erm… What can I do for you?
HER: I was looking for an evening shoe.
Al picks up a shoe sizer.
AL:     All right. Let me measure your chest… I mean… [he laughs] Hahahaha. I mean your foot.
Peggy is standing behind Al and is not looking happy. Al measures Heather foot with the sizer. Trish is having a chat with Jackie. Al overhears the conversation.
TRISH:  [to Jackie] Some times when I’m at a party, I don’t know, I can’t help myself, I think they call it nymphomania. Every man I see, I just can’t keep my clothes on.
Al turns to Trish with the shoe sizer and tries to measure her foot, even though she is still
wearing her trainers.
HER: Excuse me sir, since I’m the one buying the shoes don’t you think you should be measuring my foot?
AL:     I’m sorry, she the nymphomaniac.
PEGGY:  Excuse me sir, but I’m gonna do what all of your customers do; go to Morty for shoes. Where they have much cuter salesmens, and younger too.
JACKIE: This guy is pretty old. Maybe we should go to Morty.
The girls stand up and start to leave.
TRISH:  I hope there is a really cute guy over there. Old or not, in an other second I would have been all over this one.
Al looks disappointed. Peggy laughs.
PEGGY:  [to the girls] Ta-ta.

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