How To Be Romantic And Original On Valentine’s Day

Néhány tipp videóval, hogyan légy egyszerre romantikus és eredeti a szerelmesek ünnepén. Előbb érdemes csak a videóra koncentrálni, aztán a szöveggel is olvasva.

You can never be too romantic on Valentine’s Day, but here are some tips on how to give your partner a special treat this year, with these original and romantic ideas.

Step 1: Cheap and cheerful
Once you have a date for Valentine’s Day, that’s half the struggle over. To make it special, plan something that’s a little bit leftfield. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead of forking out for a meal at a restaurant, pack a picnic and head down to a romantic spot, like a park or even your own garden, for an intimate dinner for two. Be sure to pack a blanket and lots of wine to make the most of your night. Take along a portable radio so that you can indulge in some impromptu dancing if the mood takes you.

Step 2: Extraordinary dates
For those for whom money is no object, the perfect Valentine’s Day date could be anything from a luxury spa break where you can both be pampered endlessly, to a romantic mini-break abroad to a city such as Venice or Paris.

Step 3: Staying in
If you would prefer to stay in on Valentine’s night, you could spend the evening cooking your favourite meal together and enjoying it by candlelight.
For movie lovers, put together a package with a DVD of your valentine’s favourite film (as long as it’s one you can bear to watch too), some popcorn, sweets and a bottle of wine and present it to them as a gift. Then settle in for a movie night on the sofa.
You might like to put a different sort of kit together with champagne, candles, bubble bath and massage oils, depending on the kind of evening you are planning.

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Step 4: Unusual gifts
When it comes to Valentine’s gifts, remember that the best gift is not always the most expensive one. Go for the thoughtful option, as simple as a framed photo of the two of you, in favour of an over-priced bottle of perfume.
Flowers are always a winner but do something a bit different by adding the element of surprise. Hide single roses or your partner’s favourite flowers in unexpected places around the house for her to discover during the day. Add a little note with each one if you’re feeling extra romantic.
Instead of flowers, you could buy your loved one a tree to plant in their garden. It will last much longer and keep growing along with your relationship.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


to fork out – pénzt kiadni
to be pampered – dédelgetett
to settle in for – betelepszik, berendezkedik

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