What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Szalai Nóri | 2016. 12. 27.

Jöjjön most egy párbeszéd, amelyben szilveszteri programokról lesz szó. 


Man: Have you got plans for New Year’s Eve?

Woman: We’re renting a cottage in Scotland with some friends.

Man: Sounds good. Do you think you’ll get some snow?

Woman: There should be quite a lot up North. It’s a long trip to Inverness but I’m really looking forward to it. How about you?

Man: Don’t know yet. I usually go to the pub with friends but this year I’d rather do something more interesting.

Woman: Any New Year’s resolutions? Those could give you inspiration.

Man: Well, I want to get into sports. I used to ice-skate when I was a kid. I really enjoyed it. And I should also spend more time relaxing. This job is interesting but I’m doing very long hours.

Woman: Perhaps you could spend a few days at a spa resort.

Man: I’m not sure. Not my style, really. How about your resolutions?

Woman: I haven’t made any. I guess I should, there is always room for improvement. But why on the 1st of January? You can change your life anytime.

Man: I quit smoking this way. It seems to be working for me. Have you really managed to ditch an old habit and stick with it?

Woman: I don’t think so. I tend to focus on positive things.

Man: That is a good idea. I do need positive things in my life. I’ll get a new pair of skates and go skating regularly. I hope I’ll find some mates to join me.

Woman: I like skating. We could ask the sporty people on the department and go for dinner afterwards.

Man: Brilliant idea. I’ll ask around.


to have plans for

programja van valamikorra

to rent a cottage

parasztházat bérelni



to get into

hozzáfogni valamihez

used to


to do long hours

későig dolgozik

spa resort


there is always room for improvement

mindig lehet javítani, jobban csinálni valamit



to manage to do something

sikerül valamit megcsinálni

to ditch something

abbahagyni valamit, megszabadulni valamitől

to tend to do something

hajlamos valamire


haver, barát



to ask around


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