Attraction, Hungarian shadow dancers win Britain’s Got Talent 2013!


A magyar csapat nyerte a Britain's Got Talent tehetségkutató versenyt - cikk szószedettel és hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladattal.

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Listen to the article and decide if the statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1) The shadow dancers’ group was criticized for throwing eggs at the judges. T/F
2) This is the first time Attraction has performed at a talent show. T/F
3) Simon Cowell wasn’t expecting the Hungarian troupe to win the talent show. T/F
4) The runner up made fun of the other competitors. T/F
5) Richard and Adam’s show was interrupted by an uninvited guest. T/F

Answers: 1) F, 2) F, 3) T, 4) F, 5) T

Hungarian shadow dance troupe Attraction has won Britain’s Got Talent after a live final marked by a woman running on stage and throwing eggs at the judges. The group, whose presence on the show had led to criticism, won the public vote after a British-themed display, including Land Of Hope And Glory and the voice of Winston Churchill. The eight-strong group, who previously appeared on the German and Hungarian equivalents of ‘BGT’, beat teenage Yorkshire comedian Jack Carroll, 14, who was the runner up, and Welsh singing brothers Richard and Adam Johnson, who were third. Judge Simon Cowell said afterwards that the result was "a bit of a surprise", adding: "It just shows that this country welcomes people from all over the world and they loved this act." Amanda Holden noted that Attraction’s performance transcends language.  She said: ‘Whatever language you speak you understand what they are trying to do.’  After the show Amanda tweeted: ‘Wow wow wow #Attraction. Love you all x.’  David Walliams also posted his thoughts on Twitter and wrote: ‘Well done Attraction. Very worthy winners. What they do is truly magical…’ Attraction’s leader Zoltan Szucs said after the win that it was "amazing", adding: "Thank you to all the British public." Their performance, against a backdrop that included the Union Jack, the Olympic rings and the Queen, saw them beat disabled youngster Carroll, whose sharp routine poked fun at BGT’s BBC rival ‘The Voice’, including talent judge Tom Jones, among other targets. Richard and Adam came third despite having their thunder stolen by the egg-throwing woman, who displayed talent of her own by launching her messy projectiles accurately at the judges from some distance. Comic Carroll, who was the next act to perform, opened by joking: "For my first act I was going to run on and throw some eggs – well, that’s been ruined now."

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troupe– színtársulat
to mark – megjelölni, nyomot hagyni, kiemelni
presence – jelenlét
to lead to – vezetni valamihez
public vote – közösségi szavazás
display – bemutató, kiállítás, tárlat
glory – dicsőség
equivalent – megfelelője valaminek
to beat – megverni
runner up – második helyezett
result – eredmény
to transcend – felülmúlni, meghaladni
worthy – méltó, kiváló
truly magical – valóban varázslatos
leader – vezető
amazing – csodálatos, elképesztő
backdrop – háttér
Union Jack  – brit zászló
disabled – mozgássérült, fogyatékkal élő
rival – vetélytárs
target – célpont
thunder – durranás, mennydörgés
to launch – kilőni, hajítani, dobni
messy – piszkos, mocskos
projectile – lövedék
accurately – pontosan
distance – távolság
to ruin – tönkretenni, elrontani

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