How to prepare for an exam – Középfok B2 (LanguageCert)


A következő hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladattal a középfokú vizsgára tudsz gyakorolni a LanguageCert jóvoltából. 

You will hear someone talking. You will hear the person twice. Complete the information. Write short answers of one to five words. (20 seconds)

How to prepare for an exam


  1. Hungry examinees may think about:
  2. Proteins give the body:
  3. Additional lunchtime food:
  4. Course to avoid:
  5. Amount of coffee to drink:
  6. Essential drink:
  7. Vitamin that helps thought process:


1.  Hungry examinees may think about: their next meal/food
2.  Proteins give the body: energy
3.  Additional lunchtime food: fruit
4.  Course to avoid: dessert
5.  Amount of coffee to drink: a few cups [or similar]
6.  Essential drink: water
7.  Vitamin that helps thought process: B


Now, generally when we discuss how to prepare for exams, it’s all about revision, academic stuff, but today we’re going to talk about something quite different – food! Diet’s always important, of course, but at exam time, it’s vital you keep an eye on what you’re eating – preparing yourself physically for exams is just as important as mentally. You must make sure you eat properly before any exam, otherwise, instead of focusing on answering questions correctly, you may find yourself fantasising about your next meal!

What you eat on the big day does depend a bit, of course, on what time of day the exam is. If it’s in the morning, allow time to eat a proper breakfast. Fill yourself with protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts and yogurt. These are essential as they provide energy. The last thing you need is to fall asleep halfway through! Even if it’s an afternoon exam, the benefits of a good breakfast last throughout the day. But if it is later in the day, top up on those proteins at lunchtime too and add a bit of fruit for good measure.

By ‘top up’, though, I mean just that. Eat at meal times but don’t stuff yourself so full of goodies that all your body’s energy’s taken up digesting them. Eat light meals; heavy ones can also cause drowsiness. And unless you really can’t help yourself, skip dessert. It won’t do any good and that might make you doze off, too.

Also watch what you drink. Coffee’s not a meal substitute. However, if you normally drink it, avoiding it all together may cause headaches, but that’s not a licence to drink litres of the stuff. Just have a few cups throughout the day; overdosing on coffee can cause a high but then a low. If you are a caffeine addict, why not try green tea instead as a natural caffeine addition to your diet?

If you have more than one exam a day and not enough time for proper meals between, you’ll need to keep your energy up. Again, though, don’t resort to sugary treats, which may cause quick bursts of energy leading to a crash. Instead, keep healthy snacks like protein bars in your bag to munch on. Drinks such as milk shakes and fruit smoothies are also healthy energy drinks which can provide the energy you need to keep going until you can eat properly. Whatever else you drink, though, make sure to have plenty of water to keep hydrated before and during exams. Dehydration may cause you to lose focus or even feel sick.

Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to take a multivitamin tablet every day during the exam season. There are lots available, but if it’s increased brain functionality you’re after, choose one that contains vitamin B, but remember it’s not a substitute for good food.


A feladatban megadott 5-szavas szóhatárhoz mindenképp ragaszkodj, még akkor is, ha ez a nyelvtani helyesség beáldozásával jár (pl. egy névelő elhagyása, stb.)

Mindig csak 1 választ adjál meg. Ha bizonytalan vagy, akkor is csak egy választ adj meg, mert két válasz esetén akkor sem jár érte pont, ha az egyik válasz helyes.

Az and és or kötőszavak jelenléte arra utal, hogy két egymáshoz tartozó szót vagy frázist kell megadnod a válaszban ahhoz, hogy megkapd érte a pontot.

A helyesírás elvétéséért ebben a feladatban nem jár pontlevonás, kivéve, ha a szó elírása következtében megváltozik annak jelentése (pl. beer – bear, see – sea, stb.). Az egynyelvű szótárt itt is lehet használni, így ha nem vagy biztos a helyesírásban, a Listening feladat legvégén lesz lehetőséged megnézni a kérdéses szó helyesírását.


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