1000 év garancia az acél tűsarkúra


Hiszen a divat örök! 

Totter on for centuries in steel-ettos: Shoes made out of metal and silver are guaranteed to last for 1,000 years

Breaking a high heel has ruined many a night out. But this pair of stilettos should be going strong long after your dancing days are done. Made of stainless steel and solid silver, they come with a 1,000-year guarantee. Better still, you shouldn’t be hobbling home after the club because, despite appearances, they are designed with comfort in mind.

Each pair has silicone liners and uppers that flex away from the foot. ‘I know what women go through wearing heels,’ said maker Chris Shellis, from Birmingham. ‘They take them off and have bunions and blisters everywhere. These shoes are comfy without compromising on looks.’

You’ll need £995 to foot the bill for the Borgezie Riviera shoes. But if tottering about in heels remains in vogue in 2114, the investment will have been worth it. ‘Women could hand them down to their granddaughters,’ said Mr Shellis.

source: www.metro.co.uk

high heels magassarkú cipő
to ruin – tönkretenni
stiletto – tűsarkú
stainless steel – rozsdamentes acél
solid silver – tömör ezüst
guarantee – garancia
to hobble – sántikálni
despite appearances – a látszat ellenére
with comfort in mind – a kényelmet szem előtt tartva
liner – bélés
to flex – hajlani
to go through – végigcsinál, végigszenved, valamin keresztülmegy
bunion – bütyök
blister – hólyag
to compromise on looks – a megjelenés kárára menni
to foot the bill – kifizetni a számlát
to totter – dülöngélni
in vogue – divatban
investment – befektetés
to be worth it – megéri
to hand something down – ráhagyni, örökségként

Match the words with the definitions.

1. blister

a) to destroy something, to spoil

2. guarantee

b) money spent on a good quality product

3. to hand something down

c) a bubble-like swelling on the skin

4. to ruin

d) to give something to one’s children or grandchildren

5. investment

e) a written promise that ensures the quality of the product

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-d 4-a 5-b

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