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Chicken hit by car doing 70mph but you’ll never guess what happened next

A plucky poultry played chicken with a car travelling at 70mph (112 km/h) – and the car came off worse.

Driver Huang Lingyong, 31, was at the wheel when the bird-brained pedestrian suddenly crossed the road in front of him. But instead of squashing the chicken and leaving it as roadkill, the bird smashed a huge hole in his bonnet, where it stayed until the car stopped moving.

Huang said: "I braked because I am an animal lover and didn’t want to harm the chicken. But it was too late. I heard a sickening thud and I thought the chicken had gone to meet his ancestors. I stopped the car, got out and walked around to the front. There was a hole in the bodywork and the chicken wedged inside. I thought it must be dead but then I heard a cluck-clucking and bent down to look closer. It was a little shaken up and its feathers all ruffled, but otherwise OK."

He added: "It seemed to me to be a very good advert for the durability of chickens and a very bad one for the quality of the car that I was driving. I took some video with my phone and uploaded the pictures on the web and I was not surprised when there was a lot of feedback from people who shared my opinion of the car."

The car manufacturer, a Japanese company, have insisted the bumper of the car, which was so easily destroyed by poultry, is not part of the original design, but is actually a cheap Chinese copy.

source: www.mirror.co.uk

to do 70 mph – 70-nel menni
poultry baromfi
to play chicken – két autó egymás felé hajt, és az a “gyáva nyúl” = chicken, aki előbb elkapja a kormányt
to come off worse – rosszabbul jár
(steering) wheel – kormánykerék
pedestrian – gyalogos
instead of – helyett
to squash – kilapítani, összenyomni
roadkill – elütött állat
bonnet – motorháztető
to brake – fékezni
thud – puffanás
ancestor – ős
wedged – beékelt
to bend down – lehajolni
to be shaken up – megrendült
feathers all ruffled – a tollazata zilált volt
otherwise – egyébként, máskülönben
advert(isement) – reklám
durability – tartósság
to upload – feltölteni (számítógépe, internetre)
feedback – visszajelzés
manufacturer – gyártó
bumper – lökhárító
to destroy – tönkretenni 

Match the driving vocabulary with the definitions.

1. to brake

a) the metal flap covering the engine

2. bonnet

b) the object drivers use to turn left or right

3. bumper

c) to travel at a certain speed

4. steering wheel

d) to slow down a car

5. to do 30 km/h

e) protective device at the front and back of a car

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-b 5-c

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