Floods in Hungary, 2013

Szalai Nóri | 2013. 06. 10.


flood bank river sandbag
árvíz part folyó homokzsák
to reinforce barrier dyke volunteer
megerősíteni akadály, gát védőgát, töltés önkéntes
emergency state of emergency to evacuate to be evacuated
vészhelyzet szükségállapot kitelepíteni kiltelepítve lenni
devastation to prevent to rescue water level
rombolás megelőzni megmenteni vízszint

Villages in Hungary have been evacuated as Central Europe’s worst floods in over a decade hit the country. Emergency services and volunteers are working to prevent the devastation and the Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency. Along more than 700km of the river, thousands of people, including many volunteers and even convicts from prisons, are reinforcing the banks of the river with sandbag barriers. Residents have been using boats as transport, trying to rescue what they can.

In Budapest, some of the city’s subway stations have closed. Forecasters predict that water level will rise to as high as 8.86 metres, which is higher than the Danube’s previous record set in 2006. River levels were expected to be at their highest early on Monday. Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos said that in a worst-case scenario up to 55,000 people may need to be evacuated.

decade – évtized
to declare – kinyilvánít, deklarál
along something – valami mentén
to include – belefoglalni, beleérteni
convict – elítélt
resident – lakos
transport -közlekedés
subway station – metróállomás
forecaster – időjós, időjáráselőrejelző
to predict – jósol
to set a record – felállítani egy rekordot
to expect – várni, elvárni
mayor – polgármester
worst-case scenario – a legrosszabb eset

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