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A Guiness rekordok közé került be a texasi mézeskalács ház.

World’s largest gingerbread house can accommodate a family of five

A group of volunteers in Texas have constructed the world’s largest gingerbread house – big enough to accommodate a family of five. The 22-foot house set a Guinness World Record in the town of Bryan on Saturday, with the help of thousands of pounds of sugar and flour, almost a ton of butter and 7,200 eggs. The tasty house also features 22,304 pieces of hard candy and packs in a total of 36million calories.

Members of the A&M Texas Traditions Club built the house to raise funds for the trauma programme at nearby St Joseph Hospital. Bill Horton, general manager of the Traditions Club, told CNN: ‘I think what impresses me most is the community spirit around the record attempt. People came together for this remarkable cause and really worked hard at it.’

In its first week of opening, the tourist attraction raised $150,000 and it receives around 600 visitors a day. The gingerbread house is open to the public until December 14.


volunteer önkéntes
gingerbread house – mézeskalács ház
to accommodate – befogadni (hány embert tud egy épület befogadni)
World Record – világrekord
candy – cukorka
member – tag
to raise funds – anyagi forrásokat előteremteni, pénzt gyűjteni
to impress – hatással van valakire
community spirit – közösségi szellem
cause – cél, ügy
tourist attraction – turistalátványosság
visitor – látogató
the public – a nagyközönség

Match the words with the definitions.

1. member

a) a person who works for free

2. tourist attraction

b) a type of sweet

3. volunteer

c) a person who belongs to a club or team

4. to raise funds

d) an interesting place visited by a lot of people

5. candy

e) to gather money for a cause

answers: 1-c 2-d 3-a 4-e 5-b

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