Hogyan tűnt el 40,000 dollár, majd kapta vissza tulajdonosa a diákoktól?

Olvasd el, hogyan talált néhány diák 40,000 dollárt, majd adta azt vissza a tulajdonosának! 

So that’s why it was so lumpy: College students find $40,000 in their couch

After fantasies about ultimate road trips, the three return the cash to 91-year-old widow. Talk about a good dealThree college students from SUNY New Paltz in New York found $40,000 in cash hidden inside the cushions of the couch they had purchased for $20 at their local Salvation Army outlet, WABC reports. 

"We almost didn’t pick that couch,” Lara Russo told TheLittleRebellion.com, which broke the story. “It’s pretty ugly and smells, but it was the only couch that fit the right dimensions for our living room.”
The oddly uncomfortable couch had been sitting in the students’ apartment for a few months until one day, Reese Werkhoven noticed a zipper on the bottom of the cushion. Inside, he found an envelope full of hundred- and 50dollar bills.

"So we pulled it out of the couch. And we’re freaking out, we’re shaking," Werkhoven told WABC.
"The most money I’d ever found in a couch was like 50 cents. Honestly, I’d be ecstatic to find just $5 in a couch," Werkhoven told TheLittleRebellion.com.

The first envelope contained about $4,000. But the cash kept on coming. Werkhoven and his roommates, Russo and Callie Guasti, kept searching and found a lot more envelopes, each with a lot of cash, but no name and no indication as to whom it might belong toWekhoven joked that they were thinking about what type of boat to buy, until they found a bank deposit slip mixed in among the cash. At that point, they say, their next step became obvious.

"We were always pretty clear. If we could find her and she was alive, it was her money, no matter what the circumstances," Russo told WABC.
The trio quickly tracked down the woman, who is 91 and didn’t trust banks (hence the unconventional deposits). She had recently broken a hip and while she was in the hospital, her children had donated the couch to the Salvation Army, WABC reports.

Guasti said the widow, who asked not to be identified, was grateful for their honesty. "She said, ‘I feel like this is a gift from my husband, my husband’s looking down on me.’"
The woman gave the three students $1,000 for doing the right thing, TheLittleRebellion.com reports. No word on whether they plan to spend it on a couch that doesn’t smell.

source: Yahoo News

lumpy – göröngyös
couch – kanapé
ultimate – végső, legjobb
good deal – jó vétel
hidden – rejtett
cushion – díszpárna
to purchase – megvásárolni
Salvation Army – Üdvhadsereg
oddly – furcsán,  különös módon
to notice – észrevenni
zipper – cipzár
to freak out – kiborulni (lelkileg)
ecstatic to – nagyon lelkesnek lenni
to contain – tartalmazni
rommate – szobatárs
indication – jelzés, jelölés
to belong to – tartozni valakihez 
bank deposit slip – banki befizetési bizonylat
obvious – egyértelmű
to track down – lenyomoz
hence – ebből kifolyólag, ezért
to be identified – beazonosítva lenni
honesty – becsületesség, őszinteség

There are five sentences below. Organize them, so that they summarize the article.

1) The widow gave the students $1,000 for doing the right thing.

2) The students found $40,000 inside the couch.

3) They found a bank deposit slip, and decided to return the money to its owner.

4) The students discussed what to do with the money.

5) Three college students purchased a couch at an outlet. 

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