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Sikeresen legyőzte az evéstől való félelmét ... ebben a McDonalds volt segítségére. 

‘McDonalds saved my life’ – girl conquered anorexia with fast food job and side of love

A girl conquered her deadly anorexia by getting a job at McDonald’s. Jo Thompson, 21 – once given just 48 hours to live – beat the disorder after falling for her boss at the burger chain. He coaxed her into eating again. And despite fears the illness may have made her infertile, the couple have gone on to have two healthy babies.

Jo developed anorexia and anxiety attacks at 11. Within six months, weighing just 4st (25.5 kg), she was being tube fed in hospital and was given 48 hours to live. She recovered slightly but for six years survived on just peas and water, doing star jumps to lose even more weight.

Then, aged 17, Jo realised that getting used to seeing people eating was the only way she would recover. So she applied for a job at McDonald’s and immediately fell in love with manager Zoheb Khan, 25. Jo recalled: “We would have lunch together and he’d say ‘I’m not eating mine until you’ve eaten yours’. He helped me battle my disorder and I began to feel happy again. People were shocked when I got the job but I had to prove I could beat my demons.”

Seven months after they met the pair moved in together in Solihull, West Mids. Doctors told them the damage caused by anorexia meant it unlikely Jo would ever become a mum. But they were wrong. Jo said: “One day I felt a flutter in my tummy and just knew I was pregnant. I loved it. For the first time I felt it was acceptable to put on weight. Anorexia is not in control any more – I have my two beautiful children to look after now so I will never let myself become ill again. Zoheb still works at McDonald’s and I have started a college course. Anyone can become anorexic – it’s not a choice girls make. But my story shows there can be a happy ending.”

source: www.mirror.co.uk

to conquer legyőzni
deadly – halálos
to fall for someone – beleesni valakibe
to coax someone – valakit valamire csábítani
despite something – valami ellenére
infertile – terméketlen
anxiety attack – szorongásos roham
to be tube fed – csövön keresztül táplálják
to recover – felépülni
slightly – kissé
to survive on – valamin élni, túlélni
star jump – csillag ugrás
to lose weight – fogyni
to realise – rájönni, rádöbbenni
to get used to something – hozzászokni valamihez
to apply for – jelentkezni valamire
to move in together – összeköltözni
caused by – valami által okozott
unlikely – nem valószínű
to be wrong – tévedni
flutter – rezgés
pregnant – terhes
to put on weight – hízni
to look after someone – valakit gondozni, ügyelni valakire
choice – választás

Fill the gaps with the following verbs.

to apply for

to be wrong

to realise

to get used to something

to look after someone

to lose weight

1. I thought Jim was in France but I ………………… .

2. I would like to ………………… a scholarship.

3. Many people try to ………………… by dieting.

4. First it wasn’t easy, but Mary ………………… working night shifts.

5. Dan ………………… that he had a flat tyre.

6. My grandparents ………………… my dog when I go abroad.

answers: 1-was wrong 2-apply for 3-lose weight 4-got used to 5-realised 6-look after

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