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Horsing around

Lucien and Amigo love nothing better than horsing around at the home of owner Sharon Taylor. The cheeky pair well and truly have their hooves under the table at Sharon’s farmhouse in Ayrshire, Scotland. For the clever horses think nothing of letting themselves in the front door and making themselves at home. This includes playing with Sharon’s cat and dog, standing at the dinner table and helping themselves to a snack.

And it isn’t just Sharon, her partner Kenny Lomax and her sons James, 25, Marcus, 20, and Connor, 15, who love the animal antics. Lucien and Amigo even have their own Facebook page featuring videos of them getting up to mischief. The family took in Lucien, now 16 months, when his mother died after giving birth and got 15-month-old Amigo to keep him company. According to Sharon, the duo have yet to master the art of climbing stairs, but she thinks it’s just a matter of time before she finds a horse in her bedroom.

to horse around – bolondozni, hülyéskedni
owner – tulajdonos
to get feet under the table – magabiztosnak lenni
hoof pata
to think nothing of – semmi különöset sem jelent
to make oneself at home – otthon érezni magát
to include – beletartozni
antics bohóckodás
mischief – csintalanság
to take in – befogadni
to give birth – megszülni
to master the art of – valaminek a mesterévé válni
it’s just a matter of time – csak idő kérdése

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