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Russia: Rise of the high-speed train surfers

Train surfers are increasingly hitching rides atop Russia’s high-speed trains for kicks or to dodge fares, it appears. In the latest incident, two men from Moscow were detained in St Petersburg after travelling for four hours in freezing temperatures on the roof of the high-speed Sapsan that links the cities. The offenders, aged 18 and 23, suffered no frostbite . They told police they climbed on top of the train for "thrills", not to avoid the expensive ticket, which costs about $120.

Russian Rossiya 1 TV reports that in November four children aged nine to 13 were found surfing a train "under a toxic influence" in the city of Perm. And a news website describes how a 24-year old Moldovan man was detained in February. He was surfing the Sapsan only in "purple panties" in which he had stashed his passport. The website quotes transport police officials as saying fines for train surfing and hopping are ridiculously low. The Russian parliament is currently debating a bill to raise the fine from 100 roubles ($3) to 5,000 ($150).

source: www.bbc.co.uk

train surfing – a vonat külsején vagy tetején utazni
increasingly – egyre nagyobb mértékben
for kicks – az izgalom kedvéért
to dodge – kicselezni
fare – viteldíj
to detain – őrizetben tartani
offender – szabálysértő
frostbite – fagyás
thrills – izgalom, borzongás
under a toxic influence – alcohol vagy tudatmódosító anyag hatása alatt
panties – bugyi
to stash – elrejteni, biztos helyre eltenni
fine – pénzbírság
ridiculously – nevetségesen
to debate – megvitatni

Match the words with the definitions.

1. frostbite

a) laughable, silly

2. to stash

b) money paid for a bus or train ticket

3. fare

c) injury caused by the cold

4. ridiculous

d) money paid as a punishment for breaking the law

5. fine

e) to hide something in a secret place

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-b 4-a 5-d

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