Grammar exercise: Future tense

Put the verb in brackets into Future (will or going to).

1. I have a special plan for the weekend. I (learn) … how to make a
2. Hold on! I (help) … you with these heavy bags.
3. She (have) … a baby in five months.
4. I still don’t have a present for Lucy. I think I (buy) … her a
5. I’m sorry I must leave today. No problem. I (take) … you to the
6. I (be) … thirty next month.
7. Go away I (sneeze) … .
8. I am quite cold. I (close) … the window.
9. These exercises are very difficult. If you want I (explain) … the
10. If she helps you with your homework, I (tell) … the teacher.
11. I (take) … the state exam next year.
12. I must stay at home this afternoon because my father (call) … me.
13. What (you do) … with all the money?
14. It is getting late. I think I (go) … home.
15. If you don’t leave, I (call) … the police.
16. I expect I (be) … late.
17. This car is very old. I (buy) … a new one.
18. As soon as I arrive, I (send) … you a postcard.
19. These shoes are very dirty. I (clean) … them.
20. I (get married) … next year.

1. am going to learn
2. will help
3. is going to have
4. will buy
5. will take
6. will be
7. am going to sneeze
8. will close
9. will explain
10. will tell
11. am going to take
12. is going to call
13. are you going to do
14. will go
15. will call
16. will be
17. am going to buy
18. will send
19. will clean
20. am going to get married

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