Parents Face Daily Fine Of $10.5 For Naming Their Daughter Alex


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Parents Face Daily Fine Of $10.5 For Naming Their Daughter Alex

The Icelandic Naming Committee has refused the parents of a two-year-old girl to name the child Alex. The couple must also pay a 1,500 krónur (10 euros/11 US dollars) fine daily until they register the child with a committee-approved name.

Alex Emma’s mother is unhappy with the committee’s decision and intends to challenge the verdict in court.  

“We hadn’t expected the government to respond with such harsh measures, such as daily fines. Our daughter has been called Alex Emma since she was born and we’re simply not going to change her name now,” she said. Alex Emma was born in August 2013. Her mother Nanna Thordis Arnadottir said, when registered Alex in Registers Iceland, she was told Alex has never been used as an Icelandic girl’s name and should be approved by the Icelandic Naming Committee.

The Icelandic Naming Committee was established in 1991 to determine whether new given names not previously used in Iceland are suitable for integration into the Icelandic language and culture. Today Icelandic parents must follow a strict set of rules when naming their child. The name must only contain letters in the Icelandic alphabet, must grammatically fit the language, it may not embarrass the child in the future and it must indicate the child’s gender.

Although the name Alex fulfils nearly all of the criteria, it does not indicate the child’s gender as it is considered a boy’s name in Iceland.  

In November a member of the parliament introduced a parliamentary bill hoping to abolish the committee and give Icelandic parents the legal right to name their child after their heart’s desire

A similar case occurred in January 2013 when a 15-year-old girl won her right to use the name “Blaer” after a court battle against the authorities.

Alex Emma’s mother said she would not accept the committee’s decision and has contacted Blaer’s mother for help.

Alex Emma’s name hasn’t been …………… (1) by the Icelandic Naming Committee. The family has to …………… (2) their daughter with another name or pay a daily …………… (4) of about 10 euros. They were surprised at the harsh …………… (3), but don’t accept the decision and are going to challenge it in …………… (5). There was a similar case when a girl won the battle for her name against the …………… (6) and Alex Emma’s mother has …………… (7) the girl’s mother for help. An MP in the Icelandic Parliament, who wants to …………… (8) the naming committee, introduced a …………… (9) a few months ago. But for the time being, Icelandic parents cannot name their children after their heart’s …………… (10).


1. approved

2. register

3. measure

4. fine

5. court

6. authorities

7. contacted

8. abolish

9. bill

10. desire



büntetés, bírság



Naming Committee

Névadási Bizottság

to register

bejegyeztet, nyilvántartásba vetet, anyakönyveztet


a bizottság által elfogadott

to challenge




in court

a bíróságon

harsh measures

szigorú/kemény intézkedések/rendszabályok

to determine

megállapítani, meghatározni



set of rules


to embarrass

zavarba hozni, akadályozni

to indicate




parliamentary bill

országgyűlési törvényjavaslat

to abolish


after their heart’s desire

a szívük szerint

court battle

bírósági csata, csatározás

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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