Grammar QUIZ: Passive voice III.

Choose the best way to complete these passive voice sentences.

1. We … in the traffic.
A: were held up
B: were helded up
C: were holden up
D: were hold up
E: was hold up

2. This song … for years.
A: have been known
B: has been known
C: has be known
D: has been knew
E: has been know

3. The table ….
A: were laid
B: was laid
C: was lain
D: were lain
E: was lied

4. Children … what they want to.
A: must be left do
B: must been left do
C: must heve be left do
D: must be left to do
E: must be left did

5. The books … on the table.
A: were laid
B: were lain
C: were lie
D: were lay
E: were layed

6. They put out all the candles that ….
A: had be lit
B: had been litted
C: had been lighted
D: had been lit
E: has been lighted

7. The passports ….
A: must not be loose
B: must not been lost
C: must not be lost
D: must not lost
E: must not be loosed

8. A decision … today.
A: must be made
B: must be make
C: must make
D: must be maked
E: must been made

9. He ….
A: was not meaned to be offended
B: was not meant to be offended
C: were not meant to be offended
D: was not meant to be offend
E: were not meant to be offended

10. We … at the railway station.
A: was met
B: were meet
C: had be met
D: were meeted
E: were met

11. The bills ….
A: could be payed
B: could pay
C: could been paid
D: could be paid
E: could been payed

12. We … for the night.
A: could not been put up
B: could not put up
C: could not be putted up
D: could not be puts up
E: could not be put up

13. The passage … loud.
A: has been read out
B: have been read out
C: have been readed out
D: has read out
E: has been readed out

14. The bells … if they could.
A: would rung
B: would be rung
C: would been rung
D: would be ring
E: would be rang

15. The old dog … by a lorry.
A: was run over
B: was ran over
C: was ren over
D: was runned over
E: were run over

16. It … important.
A: were said to be
B: is sayed to be
C: is said to be
D: is sayd to be
E: said to be

17. We ….
A: can’t have be seen
B: can’t have been see
C: can’t have been saw
D: can’t have been seen
E: can’t have be see

18. Some products ….
A: can hardly be sell
B: can hardly be sold
C: can hardly be selled
D: can hardly sold
E: can hardly been sell

19. The parcel … today.
A: will be sent
B: will be sented
C: will be sand
D: will be send
E: will been sent

20. All the clocks ….
A: were sit forward
B: were setted forward
C: were sitted forward
D: were sat forward
E: were set forward

1.A 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.A
6.D 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.E
11.D 12.E 13.A 14.B 15.A
16.C 17.D 18.B 19.A 20.E

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