Platina jubileumi desszert – szókincs, videó, hallás utáni szövegértéses feladat

Vajon mi lesz Nagy-Britannia következő nemzeti desszertje? Az Erzsébet királynő trónra lépésének 70. évfordulója alkalmából rendezett ünnepségsorozaton ez is kiderül! 

Queen Elizabeth Is Hosting a Baking Contest and the Winning Treat Could Be Britain’s Newest Dessert Staple

Great British Bake –Off fans, rise up: Buckingham Palace recently announced a brand-new baking competition in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee — a celebration of Her Royal Majesty’s 70-year reign. The challenge? Come up with a pudding recipe that could become Britain’s new dessert staple.

By February 4, kids and adults across Great Britain can enter their best dessert recipes. A panel of eight pros — including Dame Mary Berry from GBBO and the head chef at Buckingham Palace, Mark Flanagan — will review the ideas and choose a final five to invite for a final competition in March. The winning pudding, to be dubbed “Platinum Pudding,” will be served to thousands at Big Jubilee Lunch street parties throughout Britain on a four-day holiday weekend in June 2022.

While any baker in Britain can enter, the judges provide some important guidelines to ensure a recipe fit for royalty. First and foremost, the pudding — which can be virtually any dessert — should be delicious. Judges also encourage bakers to submit recipes that can be duplicated by home bakers with ingredients and equipment readily available to anyone. And to encourage passion and pride, it’s also encouraged to share a recipe with a story behind it. (Bonus points if your recipe is inspired by the Queen herself.)

If you’re stateside and want to get in on the fun, it’s rumored that the Queen particularly enjoys “honey and cream sponge, ginger cake, and a chocolate biscuit cake that is so lovely, Prince William also had it served at his wedding to Kate Middleton.”

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A videó megnézése után keresd meg az állításokban a hibás információt. 

  1. The contest is open to the professionals and will select a dish worthy of making the Queen’s special year.
  2. The winner dish can be a dessert, a pudding, a pie or crumble cake but it should be savoury.
  3. On the 2nd June a special Trooping the Colour will kick off a three-day bank holiday weekend.
  4. On the 3rd June, beacons will be lit in certain places around the UK and the world at the same time as at Buckingham Palace.
  5. The next day Saint Paul’s Cathedral will hold a service of thanksgiving. On Saturday the 4th June the palace will hold a celeb-packed dinner, tickets for which will be available for UK residents to apply for.
  6. On Sunday, the 5th June, there’s the Big Jubilee Lunch where UK residents are encouraged to come together and break some wine to mark the final day of the long weekend.
  7. School children have been asked to get involved by creating a picture of how they would like the planet to look in 17 years.
  8. In July a trio of exhibitions will take place at the royal residences in Windsor, Buckingham Palace and Holyrood House. These exhibitions will show off some of Queen Elizabeth’s dresses worn during her previous foreign visits as well as items from her private jewellery.

1. The contest is open to the public
2. … but it should be sweet rather than savoury
3. a four-day bank holiday weekend
4. on the 2nd June, on the same day
5. celeb-packed party
to break some bread (to have a meal/eat)
70 years, not 17 years
8. dresses worn at previous jubilees


to announce kihirdetni
in honor of valaki tiszteletére
to come up with ötlettel előrukkolni
dessert staple alapdesszert
pros (professionals) profik
to review bírálni
to dub elnevezni valaminek
throughout mindenütt
baker pékárukat és
süteményeket készítő
judges bírók
to provide megfogalmazni
guidelines irányelvek
to ensure biztosítani
to fit for alkalmas/megfelelő valamire
First and foremost, elsősorban/mindenekelőtt
to encourage ösztönözni
to submit beadni/beküldeni
readily available könnyedén elérhető
pride büszkeség
stateside amerikai
to get in on the fun részt venni a mókában
rumored állítólag
to break some bread
együtt enni

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