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Love Me, Love My Dog!

The dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a mammal from the family Canidae. It has been domesticated by humans for a long time. It was the first animal ever to be domesticated.  People keep dogs for both work and as pets.  For example, there are police dogs, fire dogs, rescue dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and guide dogs for blind people (also called seeing eye dogs). There are also dogs that are trained to smell for diseases in the human body or to find bombs or illegal drugs. These dogs sometimes help policemen in airports or other areas. Sniffer dogs (usually beagles) are sometimes trained for this job. Dogs have even been sent by Russians into outer space, a few years before any human being. The first dog sent up was called Laika, but died while there.

Dogs can smell and hear very well, but their sight is worse than humans’. This is because dogs have fewer cone cells in their retina (cone cells are responsible for seeing color), and also because they see only two primary colors (blue and yellow), while humans see three primary colors (red, blue, yellow). Dogs usually live about 10 years or more. The size and the breed of the dog may change how long the dog lives. Smaller dog breeds usually live longer.

Dogs have lived with people for at least 30,000 years. There are at least 800 breeds of dogs. Dogs whose parents were the same breed will also be that breed: these dogs are called purebred or pure pedigree dogs. Dogs with parents from different breeds no longer belong to one breed: they are called mutts, mixed-breed dogs, hybrids, or mongrels.

Some of the most popular breeds are sheepdogs, collies, poodles and retrievers. It is becoming popular to breed two different breeds of dogs and calling the new dog’s breed a name that is a mixture of the parents’ breeds’ two names. A puppy with a poodle and a pomeranian as parents might be called a Pomapoo. These kinds of dogs, instead of being called mutts, are known as designer dog breeds. These dogs are normally used for prize shows and designer shows.

Dogs are the most popular pets as they are playful, friendly and listen to humans. They are sometimes referred to as "man’s best friend" because they are kept as domestic pets and are usually loyal and like being around humans.

mammal – [ˈmæml̩] emlős
to be domesticated – [tu bi dəˈmestɪkeɪtɪd] háziasítva lenni
rescue dog – [ˈreskjuː dɒɡ] mentőkutya
guard dog – [ɡɑːd dɒɡ] őrző kutya
hunting dog – [ˈhʌntɪŋ dɒɡ] vadászkutya
herding dog – [ˈhɜːdɪŋ dɒɡ] terelő kutya
guide dog – [ɡaɪd dɒɡ]vakvezető kutya
to smell for disease – [tu smel fə dɪˈziːz] kiszagolja a betegséget
sniffer dog – [ˈsnɪfə dɒɡ] kábítószer kereső kutya
outer space – [ˈaʊtə speɪs] űr
sight – [saɪt] látás
cell – [sel] sejt
primary – [ˈpraɪməri] elsődleges
breed – [briːd] fajta
purebred dog – [ˈpjʊrˈbred dɒɡ] fajtatiszta kutya
pure pedigree dog – [pjʊə ˈpedɪɡriː dɒɡ] fajtatiszta, törzskönyvezett kutya
mutt – [mʌt] korcs
mixed-breed dog – [mɪkst briːd dɒɡ] keverék kutya
mongrel – [ˈmʌŋɡrəl] korcs
sheepdog – [ˈʃiːpdɒɡ] juhászkutya
poodle – [ˈpuːdl̩] uszkár
to breed – [tu briːd] tenyészt
puppy – [ˈpʌpi] kölyökkutya
instead of – [ɪnˈsted ɒv] valami helyett



1.     Do you like dogs?
a)     Yes, I love dogs! I’ve always had dogs. As I live in a small flat now, I can only have a little one, so I keep a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, who is very smart and cute.
b)    I do not particularly like dogs, I prefer cats. I cannot tell you why, it’s been always this way. When I was a child I used to have a cat, called Mimi, but she died when I was 16.

2.     Are dogs really man’s best friend?
a)     Dogs are loyal to humans, mostly to their owners. I’ve heard stories when dogs couldn’t or didn’t want to leave their owners grave, as there was such a strong bond between them. Dogs can also walk hundreds of miles to find their way back home if they get lost somehow.
b)    I don’t know much about dogs. I’ve never had one, and I’m not really interested in dogs.

3.     What kind of dogs do you like and dislike?
a)     My favourite dog breed is Golden Retriever. I think they are the most beautiful and smartest dogs on Earth. I do not really like toy dogs, like Chihuahuas, as for me a dog should be at least medium sized.
b)    I love those tiny little toy dogs you can carry around in a cute dog-carrier bag!

4.     Do you think dogs are the best kind of pet?
a)     Apart from the emotional side dogs can guard your house and help to keep burglars away. If you live in a house, it’s a good idea to keep an at least medium-sized alert dog.

5.     Do you think dogs have a good life?
a)     It depends on the owner. If they are considered as a member of the family, they undoubtedly have a good life. Unfortunately, someowners can be very cruel to their dogs, and abuse them, and lot of dogs are abandoned year by year. Unfortunately, dog shelters cannot provide enough places for all these dogs, so it’s very important that people adopt these poor dogs instead of buying puppies.

6.     Are you ever afraid of dogs?
a)     No, I’m a real dog-lover! I’ve always had dogs, and I have never been afraid of any of them.
b)    Yes, I’m afraid of dogs, and I cannot imaginekeeping a dog at home. When I was a child I was bitten by a dog at the playground, and since then I’ve avoided dogs.

7.     Do owners have to clean up after their dogs in your town?
a)     Unfortunately, not every dog owner likes to clean up after their dog, so there are parts of the city which are literally full of dog dirt. If caught on the spot, these owners should be fined so that they can learn how to keep a dog properly in society.

8.     What do you think of dog hotels, dog cafes and dog parlours?
a)     I think they can be useful sometime. For example, if you want to go on holiday and cannot take your pet with you, your dog can stay at a dog hotel where it will be looked after by a professional staff. I have never seen a dog café in Hungary, but heard that there are dog and cat cafes abroad. If your dog has long hair, you have to groom it. If you don’t know how to do it, or you don’t have time to do it, you can take your dog to a dog parlour.

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