Prince Philip – Duke of Edinburgh turns 90

Fülöp hercegről, aki nemrégiben lett 90 éves, a 2011 júliusi szám 8. oldalán olvashatsz bővebben.

His incredible energy, remarkable good health and strong sense of public duty have seen Prince Philip through countless official engagements over the course of his 64-year marriage to our Queen. But is his also famous for his politically incorrect comments while on official duties, which we think are never meant to be rude but simply hilarious, showing his incredible sense of humour. As the Prince celebrated his 90th birthday on the 10th of June, we here pay tribute to some of his funnies quotes and a short timeline of his life (so far).

1921: Prince Philip of Greece, the fifth child of Prince Andrew of Greece and Princess Alice of Battenberg, is born on 10 June in Corfu.

1922: After Prince Philip’s father is banished from Greece the family relocates to Paris.

1928-39: Prince Philip goes to live with his Mountbatten relatives in England and attends school in Surrey. Later he attends Gordonstoun School in Scotland.

1939: As World War II looms, Prince Philip leaves Gordonstoun to become a cadet at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. While there he escorts the young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret during a royal tour of the college.

1940-45:War service.He is mentioned in despatches for his part in the Battle of Cape Matapan. Promoted to lieutenants in 1942.

1946: Prince Philip asks King George VI for his daughter Princess Elizabeth’s hand in marriage. Philip renounces his Greek title, becomes a British citizen and takes his mother’s anglicised name, Mountbatten. His engagement to Princess Elizabeth is officially announced on 9 July.

1947: On 19 November, King George VI bestows the title of His Royal Highness on Philip. On his wedding morning he is made Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich. Philip marries Princess Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey, and the couple move to Malta, where he is posted by the Navy.

1952: Philip is promoted to the rank of commander but has to give up his command to begin a tour of the Commonwealth with Princess Elizabeth. In February, he had to tell his wife that the King had died and she is now the Queen.

1956: He founds the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

1957: The Queen makes her husband a prince of the United Kingdom. He will be known as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

1961-96: Prince Philip is appointed first president of the World Wide Fund for Nature – a position he holds until 1982.

2009: The Duke of Edinburgh becomes the longest-serving royal consort in British history.

2010: It is announced Prince Philip will step down as president or patron of more than a dozen organisations when he turns 90.

2011: The prince celebrates his 90th birthday.

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