8 napig egy liftbe zárva. Hogy élte túl?

Te kibírnál ennyi id?t egy sz?k térben, akár étlen-szomjan? Egy spanyol hölgy valahogy túlélte.

Police and firefighters in Spain have rescued a woman who spent eight days trapped in the lift of her apartment building, police said Thursday. The 35-year-old was found conscious but disorientated and was taken to hospital after she was found in the private lift in the town of Sitges near the northeastern city of Barcelona, police said.

The police were alerted by relatives in Madrid who had reported her missing, and then heard her cries for help when they visited the building. Police said it was not clear how the woman, who lived alone, managed to survive for that length of time.

The lift had apparently stalled due to an electrical fault.



to be trapped – elfogott, t?rbe esett
conscious – tudatos
disorientated – zavart
to stall – elakad

Idiómák és angol nyelv? magyarázatuk a stuck (megakadt, megragadt) szóval:

stuck on someone or something
1. attached, as if by glue, to someone or something.
2. in love with someone or something; entranced with someone or something.

stuck in traffic
* to be caught in a traffic jam.

stuck on something
1. to be locked into an idea, cause, or purpose.
2. to be confused by something, such as a puzzle or a task.

stuck with someone or something
* burdened with someone or something; left having to care for or deal with someone or something.
* forced to have or deal with someone or something you do not want or like.

squeal like a stuck pig  (informal)
* to make a long, high sound, usually because you are hurt.

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