Finnish Olympic hero arrested over assault on wife

A finn nemzeti h?s síugró nagy balhéba keveredett. Érdekesség: finn idiómák angolul

A four-time Olympic champion has been arrested for allegedly trying to murder his wife. Finnish ski-jumper Matti Nykanen, 46, reportedly tried to stab millionairess Mervi Tapola and strangle her with a bathrobe belt on Christmas Day. She suffered head and hand injuries before fleeing from their home in Finland.

The motive has not yet been established,’ a police statement said. ‘The suspect has denied the act, but cannot exactly explain how the victim’s wounds occurred. Police have given the suspect a temporary restraining order.’ Known as the Flying Finn, Nykanen won three gold medals at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. He also won one gold and one silver in Sarajevo in 1984.

Three years ago Nykanen spent four months in prison for assaulting his wife.

Since the end of his competitive days in the early 1990s, Nykanen has become notorious at home and abroad for his turbulent relationships, bar brawls and career ventures into the entertainment business, including a stint in a strip club. He was released from jail yesterday after charges of attempted manslaughter were dropped.

Police say he may still be charged with aggravated assault.

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to stab sy – leszúr, megkésel valakit
millionairess – milliomos (nö)
to strangle sy – megfojt valakit
bathrobe belt – fürdököpeny öve
to flee – megszökik, elmenekül
wound – seb
to restraint sy – fogvatart
Flying Finn – Repülö Finn
notorious – hírhedt
turbulent – féktelen, duhaj

10 interesting Finnish idioms

1. not to be on the back of a rabbit (ei olla jäniksen selässä)
Not to be in an immediate hurry.

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2. to jump on walls (hyppiä seinille)
To act alarmedly; to panic.

3. to run with one’s head as a third leg (juosta pää kolmantena jalkana)
To be in a great hurry.

4. read like the Devil reads the Bible (lukea kuin piru Raamattua)
To deliberately look for loopholes, in order to follow the letter without following the spirit.

5. previous winter’s snow (menneen talven lumia)
Not relevant anymore.

6. open-assed (persaukinen)
Without money, broke.

7. to kick empty space (potkaista tyhjää)
To die.

8. (take) behind the sauna ( (viedä) saunan taa(kse) )
Due to fire hazard, saunas were built at a distance from the house, and what was or happened behind the sauna was out of sight, “behind the backyard”.

9. for sheep to eat (vaikka lampaat söisi)
A great number or amount, especially one that will stay great after partaken of.

10. looks like one’s mother (äitinsä näköinen)
Not looking good at all.


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